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My name's Kadin I'm 31 I'm lesbian (yes yes I know) I was on another website but they were shut down due to lack of paying their fees so now I'm on here, I love writing typing whatever i can do to get the things out of my head that i think about daily My girlfriend Sasha comes on here under my name also...right now it's more based around Buffy/Twilight or Once Upon A Time fics so if you look forward to that stuff then we'll get along well if not then I'm sorry because I'm not into teen titans or pretty much any of the others i might put people in from books I've read like the house of night series or something else that struck me, If you like it comment on it if you don't comment I don't like whiners anyways. tell me what i can change and I'll listen and change and make my writing better...that's what I'm here for after all. I'll put Bella with any female from any movie and or Tv show I'm not much for the friends type Fic's when it come's to Bella being with one of the women in any story if your going to put her with someone (women) make it a relationship. I love charmed ,Teen wolf ,blood plus ,twilight ,buffy the vampire slayer ,angel, Bound, D.E.B.S ,Lost and Delirious ,Thirteen ,But I'm a cheerleader ,Bring it on (the first one) all the underworld movies all the resident evil movies all the twilight movies ( I don't like Edward or Mike...ok none of the men LOL maybe Emmett not with Bella though) BloodRayne (the first one) Battle LA, Tru calling, Doll House, The walking dead, Vampire diaries, Harry potter, Cruel intentions, Loving Annabelle, Once Upon A Time (SWANQUEEN BITCHES!!!!) ,DeadPool...my music is... Otep, Kittie Marilyn Manson god smack pink, orgy, otherwise, device, Hollywood Undead, Nothing More, Slipknot ,Adel, and a lot more believe me LOL. My e-mail is

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