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There's a zero to nil chance of me actually publishing anything. But I really do love reading good fanfic. Especially of my favorite parings!

I really like strong lead females. I hate hate HATE the 'doormat' female. Just hanging around, waiting for her love after he broke her self-esteem, slept with her best friend, made her feel completely worthless, mowed down her dog, and all that jazz!!! Only for him to say sorry once and then it's like she forgot all about the crap she went through for him, and then she leaps into his arms. Blah! I do like drama in a story, but come on!!! The guys must work his ass off to get the girl back! Its only right! Everyone in the world, who has been screwed over so to speak, wants payback.

As a reviewer, I lose interest in certain stories when authors :

1. Blackmail their readers; I hate it when they say 'I will only update after 20 reviews'.

2. When authors take forever to complete a story (years sometimes!!!) and says, in the last chapter, at the bottom (or top) 'There will be a sequel' or 'look out for the sequel'; Like really, should I expect that within the next 20 years?!?!?

I have found some authors terribly amusing! They seem to forget that not everything they write will be a hit. If you dare point this out, DOOM ON YOU!!! You are encouraged to critique it but also pay a compliment of some sort, to ease the sting I guess! But what if I can't find anything? Do I compliment the color of the page?!

Best yet, when authors say - if you don't like it, don't read it. Now what if you have read it because it sounded good but the story fell flat half way? What is the proper action then? Leave like a thief and pretend you never read that?!?! Then authors should be more worried about the number of people that are reading their stories AND NOT REVIEWING than the people that are reading and reviewing.

So here it is, SOME authors SAY that they want to know what YOU THINK OF THEIR CHAPTER/STORY, they really don't. They want the praise only and they will hurt you really badly if you tell them otherwise.

I never review to hurt feeling or to be mean in any way. We are a community that share similar interest in things the people in our real lives may not care too much for or particularly understand.

If I do (more like; dare!!!) criticize something, it's because I think that that author is really good AND they can obviously do much better! Like the authors saying to their readers, don't like don't read. As a reviewer, I'm saying; Don't like my review - DELETE it. You have that power.

ANY-HOOT! In my collection of favorite stories, I have what (I think) is the best reads out there (of course, of my fave parings). I am not one to complain about being recommended to a story. ;)

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