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Hi there, my name is Angel

I'm 32, a mother and love to read. I was obsessed with twilight but I have switched over to the TV Vampire Diaries. I have yet to write a story but I'm working on it! I'm really good at ideas for stories so if you ever need any help all you have to do is ask.

Things I like to read


Mostly M rated stories.


Dark fiction and I do mean dark!


Smut, smut, smut... did I mention I like smut?

Stories light on the angst (unless it's a dark fic of course!)


some slash (depends on who it is)

What I ship

Damon/Bonnie Bennett

Klaus/ Bonnie Bennett

Stefan/ Bonnie Bennett

Edward/ Bella

Carlisle/ Bella

What I don't ship

Bonnie/Jeremy(I think, it's weird they've know each other way too long and I think of them as more brother and sister than a romantic couple.)

Elena/Damon (I see it enough on TV and the books I don't want to read it on here, no offense to those that ship these two)

Bella/ with anyone except Carlisle and Edward ( I've tried I just can't wrap my imagination around it)

Things I don't like

I won't read any stories that try and use book Bonnie or Elena in place of the TV ones. I think you should write on the book page if you are going to do that. It's misleading and just plan wrong. (I'm not trying to be offensive, it really does piss people off and not just me.)

Racism or stories that promote it. (won't read it, can't stand it, and don't understand it)

Homophobia/ gay bashing ( not gay but it's the same as racism to me.)

Blood related incest featuring Father/ daughter or Mother/son/ daughter etc. (one word GROSS, it's like they raised them to then... you get the idea)

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