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About me

Name: My name is Emily!

Age: 15 bitches!! (Only four more months to 16 motherfuckers!)

Gender: Last time I checked, and unless I have this whole biology thing wrong, im NOT a dude!

Sexuality: Im gay. Gay with a homophobic dad... Anyways...

Favorite shows (at the moment): GLEE! Kyle XY, Invader Zim The Walking Dead (bad governer) Once Opon A Time, and... PSYCH! (I know. you know that im not telling the truth)

Favorite songs: Kiss it all Better by He is We. Get it up by... a band... Bruises and Bitemarks by The Offspring?... maybe... World so Cold by Three Days Grace and All the Same by Sick Puppies!

Favorite things to do!: Role play with my two best friends, Sierra and Leah! Read, be on Fanfiction. Being on DeviantART and Youtube... Sing!

Favorite cupples!!: Klaine! Kurtbastion, Purt, PitchPearl, and ZaDr!

So im looking through my favoite storys, and I see a shit load of Twilight storys and cross-overs... Oh the days when I was a Twi-hard.. Those were dark days man...

Rolling, rollin, rollin this jello keeps on rollin

And thus, the randomness has begon!

You cant go to Dulton! Its on a Klainebow You -need- a UnIcOrN!

Update (7-17-13) on my life for those who give a fuck

Im going to fucking Colorado! For ten fucking days! I cant wait! I get to ride a horse and all that shit! Fuck yeah! In other news Me and my Drama Geek ass got into a play I start rehersals tomorow I get to singgggg!

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