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yo im not one for talking, but i can think of nice storys(in my opinion) i just have no talent writing(F*ING GRAMMER) so ill be putting up story ideas as i think of em, so u want em, take em, just give me credit for thinking of it k?


do not own anything else that happens to be here

ALL IDEAS THAT HAVE SASUKE MUST BASH HIM severity and length your choice, anyone else is your choice

ALL storys are M rating

as you may notice most of the of the ideas are harems, well i am a FIRM believer that kishimoto screwed naruto over(it may be his but i still dont like it) and that he needs a lotta lovin(same applys to other storys too except them being screwed over kishi's the only one whos done that)



plotline is basis of the story notes are more info or scenes I want in it

Might controls everything, without strength you can’t protect anyone or anything, let alone yourself

"Peace is a lie there is only Passion!"

"Through Passion I gain Strength!"

"Through Strength I gain Power!"

"Through Power I gain Victory!"

"Through Victory my chains are Broken!"


NarutoxLegend of Legaia

plotline:naruto died at the valley of the end, kyuubi decided he deserved a second chance, so sacrificing himself he gave naruto his power and sent him to a different world, watch as naruto finds his destiny as he travels with vahn and the gang as they save their world from the mist


NarutoxLegaia 2

plotline:the mark on narutos stomach as always labeled him as an outcast, but what if it was more then just a seal? what if it was the mark of something more powerful then the kyuubi herself? naruto asks kyuubi for help leaving when he hears what all his "friends" and "lover" really think about him, watch as naruto grows as a person and the greatest mystic ever born


note:naruto is reborn with kyuubi as his origin, origin moves based on creation(leads to kyuubi being alive after meeting both sharon and maya)creation powers work on creating whatever naruto imagines as long as its non-living(for techniques look at erza from fairy tail and archer from fate/stay)

NarutoxThousand Arms

plotline:naruto is the eldest son of the triumph family, he had left on a training journey to become the greatest swordsmith and swordmaster in the world while meis was still young, his travels took him back home minutes after its destruction by the dark acolytes, he found his little brother meis dead from the family sword plunged into his heart, watch as naruto takes up his family sword and name once again and hunts down the people that killed his family


note:naruto uses a twin sword style, when family sword breaks remakes into twin swords

NarutoxDark Cloud

plotline:naruto was torn from his "home" during the fight with sasuke, instead of trying to find a way "home" naruto is living his dream of being just another face in the crowd, but when disaster strikes watch as naruto must take up his old ninja ways and an atlamillia to save his new home...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?

pairings:narutoxharem(3 are from naruto)

note:harem girls only to appear from his homeworld

NarutoxFire Emblem(all)

plotline:naruto has been betrayed by his closest friends, only his lovers stood up for him, they were then banished from the shinobi world using kakashi's eye, they ended up in the fire emblem universe, they start a mercernary company for any and all comers, watch as the Eternal Maelstrom company takes the world by storm

pairings:immortalnarutox4 naruto girlsxfire emblem girls

NarutoxLunar 2

plotline:naruto was banished because he killed sasuke, so when theres nothing left for him, he leaves the ninja world and ends up in the world of lunar, watch as he travals with hiro and the gang as they save the world from zophar


NarutoxLunar/Lunar 2

plotline:the goddess althena has 4 dragons coresponding with the elements, fire, water, earth, wind, what no one knew is that there was a fifth dragon, he was the dragon of power, the strongest of the dragons, he has been there from the beginning, now watch as he must become a dragonmaster to save the world from absolute destruction


note:naruto and lunar girls, happens millenia after lunar 2, harem is the team

NarutoxFinal Fantasy 10

plotline:naruto was brought from his world to save this one but what if he wants to stay here instead of leaving?


note:naruto replaces tidus, may continue into X-2 , if so paine added

NarutoxFairy Tail

plotline:his name is spoken in whispers, his deeds are voiced with awe, and wherever he goes destruction follows, who is this man? what is he? and why is he joining fairy tail?! naruto joins fairy tail as the god of magic



plotline:naruto has been having strange dreams lately, dreams of saving a world so similar yet so very different then his own, when hes given the chance to go there he does so in hopes of a better life


NarutoxNegima! Magister Negi Magi

plotline:negi thought he was an only child, what happens when his older brother comes into his life as his teaching assistant?

pairings:narutoxharem, negixnodokaxasunaxkonokaxsetsuna

NarutoxNora The Last Chronicle of Devildom

plotline:kyuubi didnt attack konoha, she came to kill one person, the only person who could control her utterly, she came to kill naruto, but in a fit of rage she tells him his power over her and any demon, what will naruto do?


note:kyuubi MUST be in, some girls are demons in diguise(ex. like anko is a lamia)

NarutoxRagnarok the Animation

plotline:it is centuries after the fall of the dark lord and all is peaceful, until the dark lord returns once again, he plans to destroy the descendents of the the seven strengths, naruto is one of these decendents tho he doesnt know it, he has lived his life fighting for survival as the champion of the coliseum since he could pick up a weapon, when minions of the dark lord attack him they tell him hes one of the descendents, after he finishes them off he goes on a journey to find the other decendents


note:other descendents are naruto characters(female) and in harem

NarutoxRonin Warriors

plotline:in the forest of death there is a section that no one enters and leaves alive, naruto is thrown there by orochimaru after kyuubis chakra is sealed, while there he finds who his parents are, and a power beyond kyuubis is given to him, watch as naruto sends the world on its ass as the Ronin Warrior


note:naruto has all powers of the ronin warriors, must train in them to become better, leaves village and becomes a 'ronin'

NarutoxTokyo Mew Mew

plotline:zoey and the mew mews have been fighting giant monsters, mutant freaks and aliens from space, but they've never faced a foe this frightening, naruto the new transfer student!


note:naruto can be sent to the world as a result of the final confrontation or a betrayal

NarutoxNegima! Magister Negi Magi

plotline:negi noticed something about the diploma given to him, it wasn't his! so he traded the diploma with his best friend naruto who had his, what will happen now?



plotline:when the kyuubi was extracted, the shiki fuuin absorbed the 9 bijuu making naruto the new juubi, after he was turned into the juubi naruto was thrown from his dimension before it was destroyed, naruto shows up outside youkai academy where he will make his new start


note:tsukune can be in it and killed or not at all, harem includes ALL women(inspired by Tale of the Demon Fox by RogueRoguepheonix)

NarutoxTales Of Destiny

plotline:after naruto learned the kage bunshin, he looked further into the scroll to find something else to learn, he finds a seal that upon opening had contained several swords and a mesage, 'to whoever opens this seal a great evil will soon befall the world, you have been chosen to save it, grow strong for it is on your shoulders that the worlds destiny rests upon, so take up arms for the tale is yours'


note:all tod swordians bind to naruto, swordians teach naruto how to weild them and use magic, kyuubi good teaches naruto aspects of a ninja, gender your choice, either one but helps naruto with his relationships and becomes a swordian(spells similar to dbz moves)

NarutoxEternal Eyes

plotline:in the forest of death there is an area that even the hokages have been afraid to enter, after orochimaru seals kyuubis chakra naruto ends up in this section, while there he finds strange puppets and a chest of gems, when he touches them he gets sent into his mindscape, while there he finds a person named luke who turns out to be his ancestor and the last person their clans bloodline was active for, until naruto that is, watch as naruto becomes the most powerful eternal eyes in history


note:kyuubi makes naruto demon or half-demon

NarutoxCastlevaniaxDevil May Cry

plotline:naruto mother was known as the red death, most thought it was because of her wasnt, narutos father was the strongest kage in history, most thought it was hard work...they were half-right, kushina was from a clan of vampires, and minato was from a clan of devils, no one knew anything because the fourth sealed narutos bloodlines away until he first drew the kyuubis chakra, during the battle on the bridge when naruto pulls on the kyuubis chakra, the seal breaks and his bloodlines activate, watch as a new legend unfolds with naruto, the vampiric devil


note:kyuubis reaction up to you, stregths and powers of both weaknessess of neither, vampiric powers are similar to alucard in hellsing, devil are devil may cry powers

NarutoxBeyond The Beyond

plotline:FUCKING PERVY SAGE!! now for those wondering about this lets recap i(naruto) was just pushed off a cliff by jiraiya the toad sage(pervy sage), for me to actually summon something other then a tadpole, so because of that i'm now falling to my death, again i repeat FUCKING PERVY SAGE!! calm down naruto all you have to do is summon a toad(i still think their frogs) big enough to stop your fall, running through the handseals as quickly as i can i throw my hand down screaming "SUMMONING JUTSU!" only after i spoke do i realize i used the wrong hand, before my life started flashing before my eyes something appeared from the jutsu, something big, the only things i knew was i was alive, i was going to kill pervy sage and the thing had scales, when the smoke cleared my thoughts went blank as i said, "holy fucking shit"


note:steiner is summoned, jiraiya must be pissed at the third, during rest of month jiraiya must train naruto seriously almost abusing the shadow clone training method, during training trip kyuubi must either give its power to naruto for respect if male love if female, sister, mother or lover your choice or get killed by narutos inner dragon, naruto can use both steiners and the toads sage mode seprately and together, steiner draws narutos inner dragon to the surface becoming a hybrid, naruto must be able to at some point before or at pains attack to use his chakra, both sage modes and his youkai at the same time

NarutoxFinal Fantasy XII

plotline:when dalmasca was taken over vaan wasnt the one that stole from the palace vault, naruto was


note:vaan exist but unimportant character, naruto could be sent there from his world

NarutoxShining Force Neo

plotline:when kyuubi was sealed within naruto using the death gods power, no one knew that a power was awakened within him but was supressed by the kyuubi, when orochimaru sealed the kyuubis chakra, it released that power into narutos control, watch as naruto becomes more powerful then ever as his worlds first force, but not just any force, a shining force


note:kyuubi helps naruto learn his new powers because hes the first to become one without a force frame

NarutoxThe Legend Of Dragoon

plotline:the war is lost, naruto has lost, hes lost all his friends and family, as he watches madara extract kyuubi he activates his fail safe, the one he put in place in case he lost, as it activates the reaper death seal starts absorbing the other bijuu, madara watched as all his plans were destroyed by naruto, when the seal finished it made naruto the new juubi and destroyed his world, naruto ends up outside seles, where shana finds him shortly after dart leaves, when naruto awakes what adventures are he in for


note:can become dragoon, if so make original

NarutoxChaos Legion

plotline:the reaper death seal is powered by the death god, it was meant to hold back the kyuubi bolstered by narutos chakra and will, nobody knew it was extremely fragile, when naruto faced nagato and pulled kyuubis youkai while using sage mode it drew in some of the power making the seal and gave it to naruto, giving him a power never before seen, with it changing his left arm, watch as naruto makes a name for himself, for this power allows him to summon creatures he calls chaos legion


note:bijuu become legions, legions become more real, less gameplay limited

NarutoxPhantom BravexShaman King

plotline:noboby knew how minato did the hirashin jutsu, no one knew it was due to the fact that he was a shaman, and because of that so is naruto, but he has something no shaman has ever encountered before, he has direct contact with energy from the death god, so when his shaman bloodline activated, it unlocked a power dormant since the shamanic bloodline began, the power chartreuse has been activated once again, what is the world in for this time


note:naruto has the power to put a spirit in an object to release it for a time, as well as unity and putting a spirit into an object to fuse with it for a time, kyuubi will be intial spirit in all three cases, gender your choice, male will be joking, female will be flirty

NarutoxTales Of Legendia

plotline:on the legacy there is a legend of a being that was the guardian when it first was made, legend states that it went into a deep sleep, only to awaken when the merines returned, the being awakens when shirley arrives


note:melanie is in, others your choice

NarutoxLegend Of Zelda

plotline:upon narutos death the shinigami and kami gave him a second life


note:naruto replaces link, can be any of the games or the entire series(if this hes immortal or a concious reincarnation)

NarutoxLegend of Legaia

plotline:when naruto was thrown into the canyon, he never summoned gamabunta, so jiraiya left thinking he killed his godson, when the chunin exam finals started naruto appeared, but he was different, watch as naruto becomes a legend with the power of the ra-seru


note:kyuubi is narutos ra-seru of power, he gains the other seru and ra-seru as they grow stronger, kyuubi in shape of claws on the left arm(similar to ozma and terra) and a sword on his right(like meta) like game stronger equals bigger and better

NarutoxBreath of Fire

plotline:the shiki fuuin, the seal thats powered by the death god, the only seal capable of holding the kyuubi, and in the forest of death orochimaru tampers with it not knowing what would happen, when jiraiya released the gogyu fuuin, there was another power unleashed with it but wasnt active until jiraiya threw naruto off the cliff, naruto will unleash this power and destroy his enemies with a breath of fire


note:naruto has the forms from all breath of fires, also has a hybrid form

NarutoxWorld of Warcraft

plotline:when naruto is blasted by the wind jutsu in the forest of death, he wakes up underground, as he looks for a way out he finds a huge sword inside a glacier, he strangly feels drawn to it, as he pulls it from the ice he gets pulled into his mindscape, where he watches as kyuubi is screaming in fear as something else appears and absorbs kyuubi, when naruto leaves his mindscape he discovers that the sword had changed his body so he could carry it in one hand, watch as naruto becomes more powerful then he could dream


note:frostmourne is the blade, naruto is able to use ALL abilities from WoW but still has to train with them

NarutoxDragon Warrior 7

plotline:after zabuzas and hakus burial naruto took a walk, during this walk he found ruins of a temple, curious he enters, when he finds what used to be the altar room he gets hit with a ball of light, as he falls unconscious, he hears a voice say, "to you who found this temple, i am the last head priest, if you found this temple that means you are one capable of learning the secrets that have been here for millenia"


note:ball of light was the power of ALL the classes(the human ones) he gains spells and abilities as he grows stronger, kyuubi must help keep track of how well hes doing, if wanted kyuubi can give naruto the monster classes, naruto takes zabuzas blade after the ruins and the blade changes to suit the class hes using


plotline:after orochimaru sealed kyuubi, a force beyond even kyuubis power chose naruto as its next weilder, the true runes have reawakened, what dangers await the world?


note:naruto weilds all 27 true runes


plotline:naruto is the sole survivor of a bandit attack, he joins the heroes guild to keep that from happening to anyone else, watch as he becomes a fabled hero


note:women are from naruto, your choice 4 minimum

NarutoxChampions of Norrath

plotline:after naruto was thrown into the gorge, he ended up at the bottom, after looking around he found 7 weapons, an axe, a sword, a mace, a bo staff, a claymore, a spear, and a bow, after touching one they all glowed and disapeared, giving naruto the knowledge to use the ablilties of the original weilders, so naruto goes into seclusion until the finals start, watch as naruto makes his journey as the ninja champion


note:naruto gains all abilities of the 7 classes of norrath(return to arms)

NarutoxFinal Fantasy XII

plotline:after naruto was blasted by the wind jutsu, he flew off into the forest never to be seen again...not! he landed outside a cave, he entered to have a place to sleep when he noticed a glowing rock from further inside the cave, going over to it, he wasnt fast enough to dodge it when it decided to fly thro the air and fuse with him, what is the world in for with the return of magic?


note:naruto has ALL spell and technicks, as well as the espers, has to train in them, discovers he has this during the cliff-fall with float and secludes himself

NarutoxRadiata Stories

plotline:naruto has grown up on his own, when he was a child he was saved by a radiata knight, so he has trained his body and mind to become one, when the knight ceremony begins naruto joins, watch as naruto becomes the maelstrom knight


note:naruto is nearing mastery of one weapon, average with all others, either ties or wins the ceremony

NarutoxFinal Fantasy X

plotline:in the forest of death, after being sent far into the forest, naruto ends up in front of a cave, waking up he finds night has fallen, he decides to look for his teammates when day breaks, going into the cave he hears a tune, following it he finds a fossil, as he approaches it a figure appears, "finally someone has come so that i may finally pass on and join my brethren, you will be the first in millenia to recieve this power, thro you this power will return to the world, use this power wisely, goodbye naruto" and with that said the figure flew into naruto


note:naruto gains knowledge on ALL spells and abilities, just no skill in them, kyuubi must help naruto train these powers, kyuubi must be male and is an aeon(move is a 10-point imari head and one at each tail)

NarutoxFinal Fantasy Tactics

plotline:naruto has held a secret since he was young, and during the fight with neji he reveals himself, he is not naruto the dead last, he is naruto master of power, and he will show konoha why he is


note:naruto has ALL spells and abilities from final fantasy tactics, still has to train in them, must have been hidden under a genjutsu, has mastered the monk, geomancer, black mage abilities

NarutoxDragon Quest 8

plotline:naruto has been on a journey to help his princess after her father was killed, and she was cursed, watch as his simple quest turns into a quest to save the world


note:team members are all women, from both dq8 and naruto, king told them where to go and what to do with his last breaths

NarutoxDawn of Mana/Mana series

plotline:during the chunin exams, naruto, while running thro the forest of death to get back to his 'team' gets hit with a large seed, reaching to touch it, it absorbs into his right hand and his arm gets covered in vines, watch as naruto becomes the shinobi of mana


note:naruto can make the weapons of the mana series(only with the vines they cant leave his body), as well as use the spirits, gets back to his team during the sound team attack

NarutoxTales of Legendia

plotline:during the fight with negi, naruto unlocked his bloodline, eres has returned


note:naruto can use both crystal and iron eres, kyuubi turns naruto into a hanyou, kyuubi female and in harem, mates can use eres as well, for jutsu-using mates crystal eres, for fighter mates (i.e. tai and kenjutsu users) iron eres


plotline:naruto discovers a book describing powers and abilities, so different then ninjas, after failing the ninja exam he thinks it would be easier to learn these abilities, watch as naruto becomes a legend


note:naruto gains ALL the abilities of all three classes

NarutoxDiablo 2

plotline:on narutos 4th birthday, he was kicked out of the orphanage, an hour later he was walking thro the festival when a drunk saw him, after that he was running from the mob that had formed trying to kill him, they caught him and beat him for hours, after they got bored they threw him into the forest of death and left to celebrate, as naruto lies there in a puddle of his own blood he gets pulled into his mindscape, where kyuubi offers him powers beyond anything ninja can do, naruto accepts, watch as naruto makes konoha pay


note:naruto gains the powers and abilities of all SEVEN classes just has to train in them, harem members are angry at konoha, kyuubi is in harem


plotline:kyuubi not wanting to be seen weak because of his container prepares naruto a gift, years later during the fight with neji, the gift is ready and is given to naruto, watch as naruto goes thro life with the power of alter


note:naruto has all alter powers

NarutoxThe Wheel Of Time

plotline:the drawing of the kyuubi had an effect no one saw coming, the seal that held the kyuubi had a hidden fail safe, that should the kyuubi ever prematurly be removed from the seal that the effect would reverse, and cause the destruction of the kyuubi, with the ambient energy having nowhere to go it entered naruto and sent him into the void between dimensions, while there he is told by the creator, the being that created everything, it tells him that what happened to him was never supposed to happen, it sends him back in time to when he was born so he can fix the future, but the creator gave him a power unlike any other, control over the true power


note:naruto forges bonds with harem members like rand did with the girls, nobody must know of narutos status as a container, the girls naruto bonds with gain the ability to use their half of the power, naruto has control over both halves

NarutoxOne Piece

plotline:what no one knew was that when luffy rang the bell, he wasnt just signaling his crew, he was signaling a friend to come help him, a friend that no one knew about, this friend will now join the crew and help luffy in his war against the world and his quest to become king of the pirates

pairings:narutoxharem, luffyxhancock, zoroxtashigi

note:naruto ends up with at least nami, robin, alvida and 1 woman from naruto that comes with him anymore are your choice, naruto has eaten omni-omni fruit(control over all elements) naruto met luffy before he left

NarutoxFullmetal Alchemist

plotline:instead of kyuubi being a demon he is instead 9 beings that have been fused, they awaken to find themselves inside naruto at age 4, disgusted with how his life is, they decide to teach naruto their skills, watch as naruto becomes the first ninja alchemist


note:the people are the homunculi, roy and scar, they give naruto their powers and trains him in them

NarutoxOverlord-The Overlords Revenge

plotline:naruto is betrayed by his village after the fourth shinobi war, running from them he hides in a cave and dissapears, he reappears in a tower filled with creatures hes never heard of, naruto learns of them and what he is, he will teach konoha a leason, for he is the OVERLORD!


note:follow basic overlording, then when konoha falls, all women will be slaves for him(mind break), after he conquers the elemental nations, with the other women being his mistresses, kyuubi your choice, female mistress, male gives naruto his power becoming a grey, ANY WHO TAKE THIS CHALLANGE ALSO TAKES CONQUEST

NarutoxOverlordxMultixover-The Overlords Conquest, sequel to revenge

plotline:it has been years since naruto conquered his world and with no heroes poping up hes bored, he makes a jutsu that allows him to jump to other dimensions, when he finishes he will become the first dimensional OVERLORD!!


note:will go thro any and all animes, mangas, and games and whatever else you can think of(ex. bleach, one piece, fullmetal alchemist, black cat, ai kora, aiki, ALL final fantasys, change 123, devil may cry, DB/DBZ/DBGT, oh my goddess!, the tale series, anything you can think of) whichever dimension he goes to he gets that power, naruto world base after hes done with a world he returns home each dimension is another arc(as in separate story)


plotline:there is a legend amonst monsters that millenia ago humans were stronger then all monsters, then there was a being that wiped out almost all the humans and monsters by itself, no one knows if this being was a monster, a human or an angered god, what no one knows is that this same being is about to visit the youkai academy as a student


note:naruto replaces tsukune by having him actually go to another human school, events in show follow naruto but change most of the events, call inner moka out for things other then fights, naruto ends up with ALL women there

NarutoxRurouni Kenshin

plotline:after an attack on naruto, he meets the kyuubi, upon discovering why he was hated he left the village, years later he returns at the chunin exams(invasion arc) as a mercenary known to everyone as... reaper


note:kyuubi trained naruto in not only ninja skills(first being shadow clones) but taught him skills long forgotten(everything in kenshin was taught to naruto, sword styles, fighting techniques, everything) harem members are woman extremely displeased with whatever village their in(ex. anko, hinata, yakumo, sasame, yugito, fu, konan, and anyone else you can think of, hell make it so some hate their village) kyuubi is male, gives naruto his power, going home to hell

NarutoxArc The Lad

plotline:when jiraiya threw naruto off the cliff, he never expected him to fly back up and start screaming at him


note:kyuubi gave naruto deimos abilities, as well as the five stones into his blood, able to use all spells and abilities, has to train in them

NarutoxBaldur's Gate

plotline:naruto is found in a puddle of his blood by 8 people, they take him with them to train, he comes back years later a master of their arts, watch as naruto becomes konohas gatekeeper


note:konoha woman only in harem, gatekeeper doesnt mean a gate hes just the protector, his skills from all 8 classes from both baldurs gate, as well as some ninja from kyuubi, oh and naruto is 15, found when he was 3

NarutoxDarksidersxGod Of War

plotline:the night of the scroll incedent, naruto finds out about his ancestry, how on his mothers side hes decended from war of the four horsemen, and from his fathers hes decended from kratos, the god of war, with this firmly in his mind he goes about becoming the true decendent of the aspects of WAR!


note:naruto gains all weapons from both darksiders and ALL god of wars, learns to use and master on own, kyuubi helps with ninja training, and other aspects(strategy, hunting, tracking, anything else you can think of) naruto must become pissed(your choice how but saying they'll rape the women is most likely) at the bridge in wave and slaughters them in *wars demon form with all three rages activated, activated by kyuubis chakra subconciously*(UNHOLY SHIT!) when he returns from training trip with jiraiya(naruto movies and specials happen in the fic as well)(shippuden can be another fic) must have mastered most of his skills, mastered his weapons, and learned to do *what happened in wave* with him doing it conciously, later adding sage chakra(UNHOLY F*ING SHIT!) still needs to control tho


plotline:it has been eons since naruto acheived immortality, growing stronger then the gods themselves, the creator, the one being naruto knows he can never surpass in power asks him to travel to another world and save it from itself, naruto does so, watch out teos the maelstrom is coming


note:how he became immortal up to you, harem includes at least one of each race, and the two goddesses

NarutoxGrand Fantasia

plotline:when the demon and dragon lords attacked, the strongest went out into the world and entered a deep sleep on what would be called siwa island, centuries later he is awoken and decides to help the sprite messengers fight back the evil that comes


note:naruto is a demonic dragon(half demon, half dragon) harem is made of sprite messengers

NarutoxGrand Fantasia

plotline:naruto is a sprite messeger with a great power, he is completly one with nature, because of this he finds he has both dragon and demon blood flowing in his veins, he leaves to find his history and control his new powers, but in doing so he becomes part of something bigger then his ancestry, the fate of his world


note:naruto has instances when his demon or dragon blood manifests and controls his body for a few minutes, as his power grows so does the time his blood controls him, but the more of it he can harness or control the time lessens, his demon blood, his dragon blood, and his connection to nature all are voices in the back of his head, harem includes some naruto girls as sprite messengers, and some of the girls from grand fantasia

Naruto-Naruto: Master of Weapons

plotline:DAMN IT KISAME HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN!? now let me tell you why itachi is screaming at kisame, see samehada likes eating chakra, i mean really likes eating chakra, so much so that it wont kill anybody who has 'tasty' chakra, and heres where we come in, see kisame had samehada eat narutos chakra, after eating it samehada left kisame for naruto and this is why itachi is screaming at kisame HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW?!


note:naruto ends with ALL special and sentient weapons(i mean all of them, any weapon thats special(like clouds buster sword) or sentient like frostmourne(you could even make a few if you want) any weapons recieved give naruto the ability to use the powers that go with(ex. samehada allows naruto mastery of water) any abilities given by the weapons must be mastered by training hard, kyuubi your choice male becomes weapon or female in harem


plotline:naruto never summoned gamabunta and went to the bottom of the gorge, while there he finds a black book, as he was reading it kyuubi let out some of its chakra and bound the book to naruto for it knew what it was, watch as naruto becomes the newest follower of the bible black


note:naruto doesnt care for others except his harem, hes not perverted but he is lustful(meaning he wont peek on women he screws em) kyuubi is destroyed during the binding, giving naruto all of its power, women can be anyone(can make ocs, make some characters fem, or add from other sources) naruto is DOMINANT he submits to no women(tsunade ark instead of rasengan bet, sex bet) LEMON FIC!


plotline:when jiraiya threw naruto into the gorge, he didnt think once that he wouldnt be able to summon a toad, he was wrong, hours passed and naruto hadnt appeared, jiraiya thinking he killed his godson left without looking back, meanwhile at the bottom of the gorge a conversation was taking place, you see naruto did summon something just not a toad, kyuubis youkai had altered his summon instead of a toad he summoned a succubus, making a deal he receives her powers, and herself so he could learn how to use them, armed with a succubaes power what will he do?


note:deal was a bet to see if he could tire her out if he won he got his wish for free and her, if she won she'd get both his and kyuubis soul

NarutoxFairy Tail

plotline:during the s-rank test, the first guild master awoke for times are getting dangerous for his family, and we all know that he protects his family right...naruto?


note:naruto is a master of all magic

NarutoxFairy Tail

plotline:lisanna wasnt the only person trapped in edolas by anima, when they returned makarov was estatic that his first student had returned, the one that he had chosen to be the next guild-master, naruto the elemental kami


note:naruto has godlike control over the elements(like natsu has with fire only cant eat any of it) naruto and lisanna are first to date(cause they were together in edolas) moves can be any 1 or combo of them(like natsus roar or grays ice make(different elements)or even elfmans takeover only not monsters but elements)


plotline:during the fight with pain and the following conversation with nagato something happened, the combination of sage mode, kyuubis youkai, narutos chakra, nagatos chakra and bloodline, and the reaper death seal, something was changed within naruto, when he went to the fall of truth, his darker self wasnt the only one he met, no he met his personas


note:the personas naruto has are all from all of the personas(some ocs as well) personas tell him to stop holding back and to actually be himself

Ranma 1/2

plotline:ranmas life was made a living hell because of the cursed spring he fell into, but what if he fell in a different one? what if he fell into the cursed spring of the drowned man?


note:because he fell into the male spring, he doesnt change when hit with cold water, but EVERYTHING about him has doubled (height, power, strength, speed, brain activity, flexibility... EVERYTHING)

Danny PhantomxDevil May Cry

plotline:what if danny was more then just a halfa? what if the incedent where he turned into a halfa unlocked a long dormant gene in his dna? this is the story of danny fenton, the devil ghost


note:dani(danny girl clone) isnt like danny and is just a half ghost, danny himself is still a halfa but is a half devil and half ghost, danny can take the souls of demons, ghost girls are in harem, same with female demons(like nevan)

Rosario Vampire

plotline:what if tsukune didnt break out of kurumus charm in time? what if her kiss did soomething she never expected? watch as tsukune goes through the rest of his life as an incubus


note:tsukune keeps his personality, but is more sensual with the girls


plotline:in the shadow of the shinobi world there are creatures beyond their imagination, naruto is the last of his kind, there is no one else, naruto shall bring his kind into the light and in doing so change the course of history


note:naruto is the decsendent of a lycan, a werewolf, and a uratha, kyuubi teaches him of his heritage, harem must include tsume and hana, kyuubi can be male or female, male father figure, female is either mother figure or in harem


plotline:what if at the final clash at the valley of the end, instead of one of them dying or being sent to another timeline or dimension, they fused?


note:personality will be a combo of naruto and sasukes, in other words narutoize sasuke or sasukeize naruto(not words i know) will have the sharingan, will actually be both of them mind body and soul, kyuubi will be nicer(cause will be scared of naruto), curse seal is gone


plotline:what if goku wasnt the son of bardock, what if he was the son of broly?


note:personality will be more aggresive, but still caring, will be more powerful then in canon will enjoy fights more, will be larger(like twice canon size)

NarutoxWinx Club

plotline:what if kiko had a secret? what if after the witches took blooms dragons flame, kiko revealed his secret... hes not really a bunny

pairings:narutoxbloom(harem later)

note:naruto is kiko, naruto is a master ninja just after the fourth ninja war ends, was given power by the dragons flame to protect and watch over bloom, power given allows him to use the winx spells


plotline:the legend of the rikudo sennin says he had 2 children, the oldest he gave his eyes and the the youngest his body, but what if he had a third child who he gave his soul to? this is the story of naruto, the soul sage


note:narutos personal jutsus harm the soul not the body, but he can alter regular jutsu to affect both(tho it takes a great deal more power) illusions cannot affect his sight, living lie detector

COMPLETELY OPTIONAL can be made into a crossover fic, if so will be alternate stories after death in each where hes reborn as the main character and recieves his memories in a moment of great emotional pain(i.e. like with luffy his brother died, or goku when krillin died against frieza) when happens he gains power and abilities from previous stories(tho he has to retrain his body and control)


plotline:minato, the fourth hokage, the yellow flash, narutos father, an unknown fact is that he is a saiyan... kushina, the red death, narutos mother, an unknown fact is that shes a shinigami... now after the five-pronged seal was placed by orochimaru, naruto has unlocked his families blood and abilities


note:unlocking his blood kills kyuubis concience, able to use ki, chi, chakra, and youkai(still has to train in control) shinigami blood gives him a zanpakuto for each form of energy, happens in naruto but can crossover with bleach and dragonball/z/gt(completely optioinal tho)


plotline:what would happen when instead of attacking his hollow side he accepted it?


note:his hollow becomes a zanpakuto resurreccion(becomes like fight with ulquiorra on the roof) powers up to you, nel and tia are in


plotline:what if when ichigo stopped the sokyoku, shunsui and ukitake didnt get there in time and the sokyoku became ichigos 2nd zanpakuto?


note:because the sokyoku became his zanpakuto it unleashes all of ichigos powers(his real zangetsu, his fullbringer, his hollow/arrancar, his bount, and his quincy)

Digi-girls CHALLENGE! make a digi-girls story, like pokegirl storys but from digimon

NarutoxLegaia 2

plotline:because of minato, naruto is the first mystic in millenia, what will his experiences be like with kyuubi as an origin?


note:his powers center on destruction(db/z/gt moves)


plotline:ichigo is the decendent of the vegeta and goku... no wonder he looks angry!


note:orihime, tatsuki, yoruichi, nel, and tia are definites, he is able to use ki abilities, as well as he has a zanpakuto for his ki powers, he gets it during the vizard training


plotline:what if instead of ichigo saving his family, chad did? this is the story of when chad is the soul reaper


note:he still has his arms but gets them after he regains his powers, ichigo replaces chad as minor doesnt get uber-powerful, harem has to have orihime(witnessed chad saving her caused her to think her life over)yoruichi, kukaku, rangiku, unohana, nel and tia, anyone else you want in add, chad has better control over power because hes level-headed, zanpakutos are sephiroth and the juggernaut

Danny PhantomxSpiderman

plotline:when danny turned on the ghost portal, he wasnt the only thing there, there was also a spider, the spider was vaporized by the energy spike and its dna was fused with dannys


note:spider powers are venom without the second mind and increased aggression, can grow 4 more arms because of ghost and spider powers and can 'ungrow' when he doesnt want em, also has spidermans powers

Kim PossiblexX-Men

plotline:what if ron found something that redefined his nickname of unstoppable? what if ron found the gem of cyttorak?


note:psycic abilities dont harm him(not that theres any psycics anyway) grows to juggernaut size

Teen Titans

plotline:what if after 'the beast within' beast boy accepted the beast after ravens talk with him, what will this change?

pairings:beast boyxharem

note:bb is more mature, smarter, and has a cooler head, his powers are more in tune with him meaning he can turn into anything with it being any size(like a dinosaur sized fly, or a fly sized dinosaur) as well as morph into fusion creatures(like a t-rex with gorilla arms or a brontosaurus with a snake neck, head and a scorpions tail) he will also be more primal with his thought process


plotline:naruto is at a stream cleaning himself and his clothes after escaping the snake that ate him, after he finished he went to leave when he saw a red gem that had a black center, as he approached it he could have sworn he saw the black part move, picking it up he started looking at it, he finds an insription he reads it aloud 'whosoever touches this gem shall be granted the power of the crimson bands of cyttorak! henceforth, you who read these words, shall become ... forevermore ... a human juggernaut!' with that the gem glowed and split in half both sides attaching to his wrists while the black center attached itself to his head


note:naruto grows to juggernaut size and strength but remains lean so he can still be flexable and acrobatic, kyuubi improves further with his abilities and physical prowess by making naruto a hanyou(half-demon) kyuubi gender your choice but if female in harem, must hate sakura and sauke but not kakashi as he knows kakashi was ordered to solely train sasuke

TAKERS:MikeJV37 story: Naruto: Kitsune Juggernaut


plotline:what if naruto found venom, carnage and toxin after getting hit by the five prong seal and sakura couldnt catch him? what would happen if as they were fighting each other over who would get naruto as a host, kyuubi fused them with its youkai? this is narutos story as rampage


note:by all three of them entering naruto the five prong seal broke, venom, carnage and toxins fusion with each other and naruto destroyed their conciousness and gives naruto the knowledge of what their abilities are and how to use them, naruto has the combined strength of all three of them doubled(because of kyuubis youkai) naruto has a scarlet color for his suit, kyuubi gender your choice, naruto size is 6.5 feet tall


plotline:when jiraiya threw naruto into the ravine, naruto hit the last bit of gamma radiation in the world, with it changing him he couldnt concentrate on summoning and hit the bottom, when he awoke he found a red gem with an inscription on it 'whosoever touches this gem shall be granted the power of the crimson bands of cyttorak! henceforth, you who read these words, shall become ... forevermore ... a human juggernaut!' and with that naruto changed, now the story of naruto uzumaki the #1 hyperactive, knucklehead ninja is over but the story of naruto kronack the first of the giant bloodline begins


note:naruto disapears until his match learning the extent of his powers, kyuubi by trying to heal the gamma radiation made naruto a hulk without the anger activation, but he is more powerful when angry(cause he draws on kyuubis youkai turning his skin red) naruto is juggernaut size and when he hulks up he gets even bigger(do the math, bruce banner an average guy on the nerdy side hulks up he grows 3-4 times in heigth and can lift tanks with 1 arm easily, juggernaut can do that normaly, imagine what happens when he hulks up...*shivering* dear god thats scary) naruto learns of his heritage is angry with the 3rd and jiraiya, takes his heritage and changes his last name, kyuubi gender your choice female in harem


plotline:what if kyuubi wasnt a demon? what if it wasnt a mass of chakra? what if it wasnt a piece of the juubi? what if the kyuubi was the combined souls and powers of the most evil men in existence? what if naruto inherited their power and knowledge at a young age? this is that story


note:find the most cold-hearted, evil, twisted, demented villans and have them narutos 'father' figures(ex. juggernaut, sephiroth, mundus, etc.)

BleachxFinal Fantasy 7

plotline:what if cloud was ichigos zanpakuto?

pairings:ichigoxorihime(if wanted can harem)

note:shikai become buster sword(from ff7game) gains materia magic and all limit breaks but omnislash, bankai is advent children sword, gains the summons and omnislash other limits are stronger


plotline:what if ichigo was an arrancar that rebelled against aizen, after retreating wounded he entered the body of a newborn child and sealed his power, then after all those years, when ichigo goes to confront his inner hollow he remembers his past...and his power


note:nel and orihime are ins any other your choice


plotline:the day before ranma and his father went to the jusenkyu springs it had rained...oh shit


note:genma never fell in, ranma can shapeshift not change when hit with water(side effect of being part cat is doesnt fear them)


plotline:we've read fics where narutos powers range from god of all to the darkest and most evil being in existence and everything in between with enough variantions and combinations to make your head spin, but we have never seen naruto gain the power of the unlimited...HAMMERSPACE!! really

pairings:narutox?(anko or hinata or if possible harem)


plotline:what if ranma left the tendo dojo because he couldnt take anymore?


note:ranma character bashing is required, ranma must diss everyone of them before he leaves, has to be a xover between ranma and one of the following: tenjo tenge, asu no yoichi, sekirei, rosariovampire, the familar of zero, aiki, ikki tousen

Final Fantasy 7xFinal Fantasy(series)

plotline:when someone dies they enter the lifestream, afterwards they are reborn as new beings, sephiroth is the exception, he wasnt reborn but was kept in the lifestream for eons, gaining enough strength he breaks out of the lifestream and enters a new world, the one-winged angel has returned, what will he do?


note:he enters each final fantasy world joining the heroes(7 last) sephiroth isnt insane due to time in lifestream, personality same but looking to redeem self, power still monsterous, if wanted can go thro the final fantasy spin-offs(like crystal chronicles, tactics...)

One Piece

plotline:what if instead of being dragons son, luffy was the son of whitebeard?


note:luffy gains whitebeards size and power(the quake-quake fruit) does end up eating the gum-gum fruit, combines powers(ex. gum-gum pistol with a quake fist...OUCH) luffy not so luffy, random and always smiling but calmer

Avatar:The Last AirbenderxDragonball/Z/GT

plotline:what if unknown to the lionturtle and aang, that the energy bending would have an adverse effect on the avatar, the effect is that aang is no longer human, he is a saiyan


note:all of the past avatars souls fuse with aangs changing his personality, his personality is now like gokus but serioous, because of how powerful his soul his his body became immortal to hold it, aang is the first saiyan in millenia, harem becomes immortal because of bond with aang, continues into other crossovers, your choice on what first, happens on 18th birthday, katara, june, ty lee, and toph, are first

Naruto: Army of One

plotline:naruto unlocks the bloodline duplication


note:can be at any major turning point(scroll incedent, wave bridge, forest of death, chunin final wait period, or shippuden time-skip)duplication bloodline is billy numerous's super-power, each is at narutos power level and dissapates with a fatal blow

Naruto-The Legend of Naruto Uzumaki:Cute Edition

plotline:when he was very young, naruto learned one of the truths of this world, cute things are irresitable, so with that in mind naruto worked on becoming a legend, as the maker and master of cute jutsus

pairing:narutox?(your choice, single or harem)

note:cute jutsus are just that jutsus that focus on being cute, there is however weaknesses, they do not work on bastards(sasuke, kakashi) bitches(sakura) perverts(jiraiya) or heartless people(orochimaru, kabuto), any others like that are immune to the cute jutsus, he will learn other things but will have mastery over his cute jutsus, idea for meeting jiraiya when naruto finds him have him chibify and start crying, when the women in the hotsprings come out, he tells them that big man was mean, and watch as jiraiya gets...i cant put that on content limit and everything(inspired by The way of the Super Pervert!)

BleachxDevil May Cry

plotline:after aizen left with the hollows, something came thro a gate that had appeared, what is was could only be classified as a demon, and it was there for chad


note:chads a devil by blood, descended from nero, his powers are a devil/hollow mix, after or during fight with the demon(and ill leave it up to you for who) he gains his zanpakutos, rebellion(whos spirit is in the form of dante), yamato(vergil) red queen(nero), force edge/sparda(sparda), after beating a demon the demon becomes a new zanpakuto for him, because of his hollow powers when chads releases a zanpakuto its a arrancar like release in that he takes the demon/devil form(except for nevan he becomes a male demon of her type)


plotline:during the battle on the bridge in wave when naruto drew on kyuubis chakra, it unlocked his blood, for he is the descendant of both alex mercer and cain marko, and a new legend will start, the legend of naruto uzumaki namikaze, the unstoppable weapon


note:has all powers from prototype(just needs to train them) kyuubi afraid of naruto, can have as female and in harem or as male and eventual friend

BleachxHighschool Of The Dead

plotline:after the defeat of aizen ichigo transfered to a different school so he would have a normal life...then the world ended


Negima! Magister Negi Magix?

plotline:negi tried he really did, but theres only so much someone can take before they blow...and negi has reached it, now hes done with everything what will he do now?


note:cross with fairy tail, kiba, mar, the familar of zero, if you decide to have him jump worlds, timeskip to 15-18 for age, researching a way to leave(fairy tail) or just enjoyin himself being away from them(other 3) cross with rosario vampire or maburaho if you just want him leave but recouncil later with a few of them

NarutoxWorld of Warcraft

plotline:naruto has seen eras start and end, civilizations rise and fall, he watched the end of the shinobi era, he witnessed the end of the technology era, now there is a new era, an era of magic and technology, of demons and gods, an era of war, after so long of just watching, naruto snaps, now he will make peace


note:master of every shinobi art imaginable, joins post cataclysm, master of all the classes except death knight(unless you can come up with an idea) makes guild with all races in it(like a neutral faction) each race has at least one of each class(i.e. theres 10 classes of which humans can only become 8 of them so there would be at least 8 humans in his guild(or mercernary force your choice) harem has at least one of each race and classes(if wanted to be big can have each race has at least one of each class in the harem, then can add other individuals like dragons)


plotline:after being hit by the five-pronged seal its been mentioned that sakura threw a kunai to save naruto from falling or trying and failing to, that never happened see sakura seeing that the scary man was busy with naruto had long since left with sasuke since neither really cared for him, so after orochimaru saw that he missed his chance to mark sasuke becomes enraged and gives naruto the curse seal instead and shucks him aside, naruto lands inside of a tree hollow and goes into his mindscape, where he meets kyuubi and the soul fragment of orochimaru, the fragment promises great power if he gives in, naruto goes to take it before kyuubi finally overcomes enough of the five-prong seal to tell naruto that its his mind hes in control, with that knowledge naruto destroys the soul fragment and absorbs it breaking the five-prong seal in the process, the flood of youkai from kyuubi warps the power recieved from orochimaru as well as awakens a long dormant gene in human dna, when naruto wakes what will change?


note:gene is the prototype virus, orochimarus power warp is from snake to spider(venom) naruto becomes more sarcastic and neutral, sees world in shades of grey not black or white(tho he knows there will be some) curse seal is changed to a spider and is situated on his chest and back(the spider insignia) the hollow is the one during the sound teams attack

Final Fantasy 7xThe Familiar of Zero

plotline:what if instead of summoning seito, louise summoned sephiroth?


note:sephiroth is calmer from spending millenia in the lifestream


plotline:after naruto tested his wind affinity and kakashi told him that shadow clones transfer memory, naruto sent a couple dozen to the library to see what could be dug up on wind, while searching one of the clones finds an old scroll detailing wind in lore and myths, he finds a ritual that he could use to summon one of many spirits of wind using wind chakra, after completing the waterfall exercise and the rasenshuriken, he decides to do this ritual, converting nearly all of his chakra and a good portions of kyuubis to wind chakra, he summons the most powerful wind spirit, the wind goddess fujin, what will naruto do with the goddess of winds on his side?

pairings:narutoxfujin(harem later)

note:because of fujin being with naruto naruto has complete control over wind(duh the wind goddess showed him what to do) because narutos the only one to summon her, she bonds him to her making him immortal, kyuubi female, kyuubi becomes nicer(because of fear of fujin and naruto) kyuubi in sometime after naruto gains control over kyuubis chakra, others harem members up to you, can be crossed over after finished for sequels

The Familiar Of ZeroxBleach

plotline:what if louise summoned ichigo?


note:after the fullbring arc, he beat ginjos ass(booyah!) by beating ginjo he gets back his fullbring as well as his shinigami and quincy powers


plotline:ulquiorra thought his existence was over on the roof of los noches, but what if he had more in store for him?


note:he gets a second chance at life from the spirit king, where he goes is up to you

Final Fantasy 7xRune Soldier

plotline:when melissa performed the ritual for mylee to show who her chosen hero was, it wasnt louie that was chosen, mylee brought her her hero from another world, but just because hes her hero doesnt mean that he was one, no her hero is the one-winged angel, sephiroth


note:sephiroth isnt insane from spending millenia spent in the lifestream

Final Fantasy 7xRune Soldier

plotline:when melissa performed the ritual for mylee to show who her chosen hero was, louie wasnt chosen, mylee decided the melissa needed to see what a true hero was like, so mylee brought a hero from another world, he brought cloud


note:cloud comes in his advent children outfit and weapon at the end of the movie

BleachxRune Soldier

plotline:when melissa performed the ritual for mylee to show who her chosen hero was, louie was not him, mylee tells her that he has chosen a man who will show her the true meaning of heroism, he chose for her a man whose name means guardian, mylee brought her ichigo


note:happens when ichigo beats aizen, mylee gives him his powers back, as well as making it so he could use the final getsuga without losing his powers tho after he ends it he has to rest and cant use it for a weak

Buffy The Vampire SlayerxDarksiders

plotline:what if xander grabbed a costume that was the single worst thing ethan rayne could have made real? what if because of it xander now played a bigger role in the fight against evil? what if xander dressed as the strongest of the four horseman, what if xander dressed as war?

pairings:xanderxharem(either willow or cordy first, then the other, then buffy, then whoever you want)

note:xanders gains a portion of wars mentality by still retains his humanity, xander also grows war size, has all of wars powers(has to train with tho)

NarutoxTeen Titans

plotline:he shouldnt of done this, he really shouldnt of done this, in his arrogance trigon trespassed on a demons territory that all demons fear, he trespassed on the last of the old ones, the beings once known as biju

pairings:narutoxharem(raven main)

note:ravens final attack didnt finish trigon off, severly wounded him, naruto been sleeping since he claimed earth his

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

plotline:xander decided to go with a completely different costume, he decided to go as a demon, but not just any demon, he decided to go as a hybrid demon mix between an incubus and a kitsune, what will the scoobies adventures be like with a demon on their side?

pairings:xanderxharem(willow 1st, then others)

note:xander personality gains matures but is still xander, xander has abilities with illusions and foxfires, stronger then vamps and some demons

Buffy The Vampire SlayerxMortal Kombat

plotline:xander decided to go as goro from mortal kombat, what changes will the future hold?

pairings:xanderxcordelia and faith or harem(willow 1st then rest)

note:xander keeps goros strength and size but is able to call the second set of arms at will


plotline:unknown to anyone ichigo found how he got so strong so quickly, it wasnt only because he trained till he dropped, he didnt just have shinigami and hollow powers, he was descended from 2 other beings of power, he was descended from quincys and bounts on his mothers side, but to get orihime back he has to stop holding back

pairings:ichigoxharem(orihime main)

note:found out during bankai training, trained powers in secret, bount doll takes form of a wraith, sealed form is a skull necklace, power is up to you

TAKERS:Story-lover1414 story:The power of the Guardian

Buffy The Vampire SlayerxFanfiction

plotline:when xander went to get a costume for halloween he only needed a single piece, finding it at ethans xander transforms into it when the chaos spell is cast


note:xander dresses as a fanfic, like naruto from hellwing naruto by thedemonkingnaruto, or ichigo from the shinigami of twilight by thedemonkingnaruto


plotline:what if the battles during the rescue rukia ark went differently, what if instead of facing kenpachi ichigo faced mayuri? what if because of his resolve he killed mayuri? what if ichigo had to replace mayuri as the 12th division captain?

pairings:ichigoxharem(nemu 1st)

note:you can have ichigo face kenpachi or have kenpachi go without a fight till the rescue arc ends

Buffy The Vampire SlayerxObsidian Trilogy

plotline:what if xander dressed as his favorite book character, kellen tavadon? how would the fight against demons go for the scoobies if they had a knight-mage?

pairings:xanderxharem(no willow)

note:willow dresses as idalia


plotline:because of the density of kazukis magic, the doctor couldnt see kazukis magic use amount properly, because of this he thought it was an 8, but what if he got a clearer picture, what if instead of 8 times it was an infinity symbol? this is the story of kazuki the immortal mage


note:because of the density of kazukis magic it stops his aging at his prime(your choice 18 or mid 20s) after several years with his girls(harem) he finds a way to share it with them, can become xover with other magic shows(negima, fairy tail, the familiar of zero, etc.) if so made a dimension jump spell


plotline:when ichigo used the final getsuga, he was told that he would lose his powers...he did, but as hes losing his powers the hogyoku senses that ichigo had the will and power to fully weild it, attaching itself to ichigos soul, it opened a portal and sent him to a different dimension, while he has lost everybody, he will not let that stop him, enrolling into school he anticipates a normal life without hollows, little does he know that hes about to get a visitor thats out of this world

pairings:ichigoxharem(lala and haruna 1st)

note:the hogyoku allows ichigo to use all forms of power(at least from bleach) having the hogyoku allows ichigo to use the final getsuga whenever he wants without losing his powers(tho afterwards he cant use it for a week)

One Piece

plotline:what if luffy ate the hana hana no mi as well as the gum gum fruit?


note:luffy is more mature, is stronger then he normally is but is also more of a tactitian, still prone to bouts of luffyness(meaning dense lovable idiot)

Legend Of ZeldaxKingdom Hearts

plotline:what if because of links heroism and heart he gained a power far beyond that of the triforce, what if he gained the power of the keblade?


note:because of the keyblade link remembers all of his previous incarnations and gains their powers, because of twilight princess he gains the dark keyblade powers(rikus powers, corridor of darkness, etc.) OPTIONAL because of the keyblade every reincarnation of link remembers the previous ones and is a keyblade wielder(leads to massive crossover sequels) can only get keyblade and powers during moment of great turmoil(like naruto in wave, ichigo when he got his powers back, or luffy when ace died, etc.)

Negima! Magister Negi MagixSpiderman

plotline:during the attack on his village when he was a kid, negi was bitten by a larger then normal demon spider, soon after starting at the magic academy, a presense made itself known to him, what will negi be like if he was accomanied by venom?


note:negi is older(18) negi has a more white-grey view of the world, HE DOESNT TAKE SHIT FROM ANYBODY and hes a bit more intimate with his pactio partners

One Piece

plotline:while luffy was still a kid, he, ace and sabo were digging thro the grey terminal when luffy fell into a hole, while waiting for ace and sabo to get something to help him(and luffy being luffy) he started searching around, he finds what will set him apart from all pirates save his future crew, he found instuctions of the rokushiki

plotline:luffyxharem(nami, robin, hancock are must haves, any more is your choice)

note:luffy has still eaten the gum gum fruit, has mastered at least 3 of the rokushiki and is expert at the remaining 3 as well as combined his gum gum powers and rokushiki abilites by the time he gets zoro, teaches crew but while able to use all they are the best at 3 of them

One PiecexDevil May Cry

plotline:"power...give me more power!" those were the words he heard so long ago, but during the timeskip luffy makes a choice to protect his nakama no matter the cost

pairings:luffyxharem(robin first)

note:luffy gets all the devil may cry powers


plotline:when the kyuubi was sealed inside naruto it seared his chakra coils from existence, to counter this and contain the kyuubi the shinigami granted him control over both his physical energy and his spiritual energy, what will narutos journey be like without chakra?


note:narutos physical energy is similar to dragonball/z/gt and negima, his spiritual energy is similar to bleach and various shows/games/mangas/books with magic, because of the seal slowly leeching kyuubis youkai(or demonic chakra your choice) it alters his body chemistry to that similar of a saiyan(more damage done the stronger he is when fully healed)(minus tail and fullmoon transformation) and that of a hanyou(everlasting youth) if naruto gets a zanpakuto(ur choice if he does) must be of a close range variety, must learn fuinjutsu, spells from various magical shows/games/manga/books as well as the kido from bleach must be learned

OPTIONAL can continue as crossover sequels

Buffy: The Vampire SlayerxWorld Of Warcraft

plotline:when ethan rayne turned everyone into their costumes on halloween he unleashed something that should not have existed in the world


note:xander goes as an amalgam of all the classes...UBER XANDER ROCKS!!

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

plotline:when eyghon came to kill ethan and giles he didnt possess ms. calender he possessed xander, only xander had some experience in possession and not only that but he wasnt alone, with the help of the spirits that had taken over his body xander threw eyghon out, however after doing so xander fell unconscious, what will happen to the scoobies now?

pairings:xanderxharem(cordelia or kendra 1st)

note:xander fuses with hyena and soldier spirit, kendra lives but is like buffy, died but got better, slayer triplets all in harem, faith no go evil(the cookies are lies) hyena spirit increases all senses, strength and alters thought pattern to be more primal, soldier spirit grants a calmer and keener mind as well as any and all tactical and strategic knowledge

Ranma 1/2

plotline:after mastering all he was taught at a younger age then genma thought possible, genma gives ranma a book that he had deemed 'worthless' telling his son that it contained ancient arts that he couldnt use, to bad for him that the 'worthless' book was an enchanted spell book


note:book listed the how to control magic and make spells, because ranma is a master of the magic arts the jusenkyo curse never stayed on him, ranma cures himself of the neko-ken curse, ranma is also calmer and more of an equalist(meaning he can and will kick the shit out of everybody that he thinks deserves it) ranma must have an ability similar to sharigan(minus mangekyo and eternal mangekyo) akane must be bashed, length and severity your choice

InuyashaxRune Soldier

plotline:when melissa performed the ceremony to have her hero revealed to her, in a sudden change in destiny mylee chooses not louie but another hero, a hero to show melissa that heroes arent always human...well full human anyways, mylee chooses a half-demon to be her hero, he chose inuyasha


note:kagome never came back, and inuyasha was alone instead of with miroku, sango and their kids

Buffy: The Vampire SlayerxStar Trek

plotline:when ethan rayne came to town and turned everyone into their costumes, he didnt understand that he unleashed a power beyond that of existense itself...aww great nows hes got me doing it, bottom line xander dressed as Q, let the mind-fucks commence!


note:q/xander is full on fusion between them, the qs dont exist in xanders dimension so q in his 'infinite wisdom' decides to see what kind of chaos he can instigate

Buffy: The Vampire SlayerxOverlord

plotline:when xander went to buy the toy rifle, ethan knowing xander was a friend of the slayer talked him into buying a different costume, that night when ethan used the spell he transformed white knight xander into the OVERLORD!


note:xanders view greys and he becomes dominating, looks out for number one(himself) dressed as first overlord so knows how to make minions

Harry PotterxMass-Xover

plotline:when harry had his first use of accidental magic he tries to replicate it, succeding he then starts researching and finding different ways to utilize it, years later his hogwarts letter arrives, what will the wizarding world be like with a confident and inteligent harry with more skills, abilities and magic spells then dumb as a door and moldyfeet put together?

pairings:harryxharem(hermione 1st)

note:he reads mangas, watches animes and video games to get his ideas one of first to succed in replicating is shadow clone from naruto, he will also be healthier then canon because he learns hunt and lives outside after he learns to use his magic, ron, molly and dumbledoor bashing, ravenclaw harry

Legend Of ZeldaxMassxovers

plotline:fans have always wondered who were links parents? we know that the mother was hylian but what about the father? what if link was the son of ganon?


note:there was an ancient law among the sorcerers that ganon never knew about, when one sorcerer beat another in combat the winner recieved the power, knowledge and abilities that the beaten had, when link beats ganon he gains the triforce of power, with two-thirds of the triforce under his control link tricks zelda into giving him the triforce of wisdom, using the power given to him link removes himself and all that would be like him from ever existing in the world of hyrule ever again, he then transcends to meet the 3 goddesses and learns that because of his deed they will allow him one unlimited wish, he wishes to be a god so that he can help the worlds regain the balance between light and dark for he learned that one can never exist without the other, xovers can be of any origin except for space going

The Familiar of ZeroxDevil May Cry

plotline:what if louise summoned dante?


note:louise and her class are all older(like 18-20) side effect of the runes is dante recieves neros arm(from dmc 4) and all the abilities that goes with it

BleachxYu Yu Hakusho

plotline:when ichigo used the final getsuga, he was meant to lose his shinigami powers...nobody ever said anything about his spiritual powers, the spirit king sends an envoy to bring ichigo to him, what is ichigo in for when he meets the spirit king also known as... king enma(yama) koenmas father


note:ichigo is made spirit detective, gaining the same powers as yusuke(including the fact that he has demonic blood from mothers side it being raizan(seriously do you really believe theres only ONE person whos a descendant from someone over 1000 years ago?) gains his fullbring powers while training detective powers, gains shinigami powers later during massive fight, GINJO AND QUINCY ARK NEVER HAPPEN, can be included in yusukes adventures(read in dictionary DISASTERS) or can replace yusuke(course you would have to transfer him to a different school) harem must include orihime, nel, yoruichi, tia, mila rose, and ikumi, fullbring is called shinigamis pride

Shaman King

plotline:at the end it is yoh vs zeke, all of his friends had fallen and as zeke attacks yoh does something hes never done before, he gives up, as he lays dying the great spirit pulls him to it and tells yoh that it will be sending him back in time to prevent zeke from becoming shaman king, will yoh be able to make a difference this time around?


note:yoh will take training more seriously as well as retaining zekes knowledge(the book of secrets) yoh will have one other spirit, has to be a samurai or samurai-like(like kenshin or kyo)

Harry PotterxMassX-over

Plotline:what no one knew is that harry didnt snap the elder wand, he snapped a transfigured voldemorts wand, so harry was the master of death, centuries later hes still alive and has mastered every magic and way of fighting known in his world, he opens a portal to another dimension, what is waiting for harry?

pairings:harryxharem(nobody from his universe)

note:crosses only with magic based universes like fairy tail, maburaho, negima, final fantasy, tales of series, mana series, etc.

BleachxOne Piece

plotline:it has been centuries after ichigo beat back the quincy invasion, isolating himself afterwards he trained to master all of his powers, fearing his powers soul society banished him to another dimension, when ichigo woke he found himself on an island of amazons...LUCKY GODDAMN BASTARD!!!


note:ichigo can use any and all spiritual arts from bleach(and some from other shows that hes created) harem at least has boa, various oc(or shownapped) amazon women, jewelry bonney, vivi and miss valentine

Buffy The Vampire SlayerxMassxovers

plotline:when xander loses his chance to get the toy rifle he has to actually hunt for a costume, looking around ethans he sees to many choices, getting a bright idea he decides to make an original costime by combining pieces, that night when ethan casts his spell xander disapears, the next day when the aftermath dicussion is ending a different xander walks in

pairings:xanderxharem(if buffy and/or willow is in they MUST GET THE SENSE KICKED INTO THEM)

note:xander goes as a hodge-podge of heroes whoever you can think of but must be at their most powerful

Buffy The Vampire SlayerxX-menxDC Comics

plotline:when xander dressed as a soldier he went in deathstrokes old fatiges and wolverines dogtags, with the body and mind of 2 of the most dangerous soldiers to fictionaly exist, what will xander be like?


note:xander has all of wolverines and deathstrokes memories and abilities he just has to train his body to their level, xander becomes a dark knight

Harry PotterxOne Piece

plotline:during harrys first visit to his trust vault he finds a chest with a note on top, reading the note he finds that the chest had been in his family for generations and that nobody had ever been able to open it, taking a chance harry decides to open it and finds several weird fruits and another note, reading it he finds that their are called devil fruit and that if he eats one he will lose the ability to swim, deciding to risk it he eats all the fruits, what will harry be like with the powers of the akuma no mi?


note:the devil fruits dont register as magic so he can defend himself from the dursleys, the devil fruits he eats are all the paramecia, harrys magic gives each fruit a voice in the back of his head(based on the fruit user), they destroy voldemorts(moldyshorts) soul and give harry all its knowledge and abilities, harry doesnt befriend ron and saves hermione alone(robins clutch on the troll or blows it up by boogering it lol!) sorted into ravenclaw, ron(weasel) dumbledoor(dumb as a door) and snape(snivelus) bashing is required, mind is protected by the devil fruits

Fairy TailxMassXover

plotline:when natsu ate the piece of lacrima, not only did it unleash his dragon force, but all magic conceivable


note:magics from fairy tail, and all magic inclined games/animes/mangas

Kim PossiblexSpiderman

plotline:when ron went to gill's grotto to mutate in order to save his friends, what would happen if he was bitten by a spider before he jumped in?

pairings:ronxharem(kp 1st)

note:mutates into spiderman(literal) ron gets spidy powers after he demutates and goes home to sleep, later during the titan experiment he recieves venom as a side effect(sentience is rons subconscious)

Danny PhantomxOne Piece

plotline:instead of eating the gum-gum fruit, luffy ate a one of a kind fruit, he ate the phantom-phantom fruit, what will the strawhats be like if luffy was a ghost?


note:luffys powers are based on dannys, vlads, and dannis with more that can be added, harem is crew members(female only!) crew is larger, and gender-bent, luffy acts more witty(i.e. taunts the living hell out of his opponents)pm for more info

Danny PhantomxBen 10

plotline:what if instead of ben, danny got the omnitrix?


Danny PhantomxAmerican Dragon Jake Long

plotline:danny goes to new york to visit his cousin... jake long

pairings:dannyx?(sam is definite but if you can work more or others go for it)

note:danny has dragon form, ghost accident locked it from control, dragon form is a ghost dragon

One Piecex?

plotline:during the enies lobby arc things didnt go as planed, the strawhats were overpowered and defeated and then killed, with only nami, robin and luffy himself still alive and fighting, blueno appears and throws them into an experimental portion of his power, a dimensional door, when they wake where will the remaining strawhats be?

pairings:luffyxharem(nami and robin are musts)

note:can be crossed with anything except space going(i.e. mass effect, db/z/gt, etc.) luffy learns to use haki(robin knows them, robin and nami learn observation haki) all three learn how to use at least one power(your choice but must fit each of em) from the world they land on(i.e. reiatsu from bleach, mana, chi and ki from negima, magic from fairytail, etc.)

BleachxShaman King

plotline:when ichigo went to get back his shinigami powers it wasn't zangetsu that greated him, it was yoh asakura


note:b4 the rescue rukia arc, shikai is wooden kendo blade, name is asakura, release phrase is 'fight to the top' abilities are the absorbtion of spirit energy(slaying hollows or sending someone on) and spirit unity, bankai is sword of light and the antiquity, name shaman king, abilities are the absorbtion of spirits(any and all forms of spirits once defeated or destroyed are absorbed, once bankai is unlocked does not need to be active to use ability) and over-soul of any spirits that have been absorbed

One Piece

plotline:luffy never ate the gum-gum fruit, he ate a one of a kind fruit, he ate the psychic-psychic fruit, what will the grand line be like with the introduction of a psychic?


note:luffy's powers include(but not restricted to) telepathy(mind reading), telekinesis(mind affecting physical world) pyrokinesis(fire manipulation with mind) hydrokinesis(water) terrakinesis(earth) aerokinesis(air/wind) astral projection(projection of self in another location using mind) clairvoyance(the ability to 'see' an area far away like you were there without being or having been there before) precognition(the ability to see the future) add more if you can think of it


plotline:minato wasn't always known as minato, the day after moving into the izumo inn minatos past catches up to him..."TSUKUNE!"

pairings:minatoxharem(Rosario and sekireis)

note:because they show up, minato stops holding back, because of this more sekirei react to him, including akitsu, he saves sekirei that have been 'taken out' of the game

One Piece

plotline:instead of eating the gum-gum fruit, luffy ate the most powerful fruit of all, the ryujin no mi, the dragon god fruit, what will the grandline be like with a god sailing its waters?


note:luffy has all dragon abilities from: the breath of fires, fairy tail, the final fantasys, nowe from drakengard 2, skyrim dragons and dragonborn

One PiecexPrototype

plotline:with the devil fruits they fall into 3 categories, the zoan fruits allowing the consumer an animal and half animal forms, the paramecia fruits allowing the consumer to alter their body and use fantastic powers, then there is the logia fruits allowing the consumer the ability to transform into and control an element, every fruit that exists falls under these categories...except 1, before luffy met shanks and ate the gum-gum fruit he finds a fruit in the woods after getting lost, eating it luffy falls unconscious, when he wakes the world will be changed, the future rewritten cause luffy will no longer be master of the gum-gum fruit...well at least just the gum-gum because when luffy wakes he will be the wielder of the blacklight fruit, what will the one piece world be like with luffy as the prototype?


note:fruit is black with red tendrils going through it with the whole thing pulsing, powers include all from both prototypes, as well as the ability to use all powers and abilities a consumed person had, powers and abilities only need a strand of hair to gain, also gains all knowledge and memories of each consumed person, can also work on all biological matter

Fairy Tail

plotline:during the beginning years that igneel was raising and training natsu, he received a visit from a couple of old friends, his old friends saw the potential in natsu and decided to teach him their brands of magic that was of equal power to dragon slayer magic, igneels old friend Vulcan decides to teach natsu fire god slayer magic while Fury decided to teach him fire devil slaying magic, watch as with this additional magic natsu becomes more powerful then anyone ever dreamed possible as the avatar of fire


note:because of all three slayer magics natsu can learn any and all magics that involve fire or heat, also able to turn into fire(ace from one piece without water weakness), after being left by igneel, Vulcan and Fury, natsu has 3 lacrima made, one for each slayer magic, natsu is smarter because of more then one parent, lisanna doesn't go to edolas because natsu either goes with them or follows in secret

PrototypexHarry Potter

plotline:when the nuke blew mercer found himself in a white void, thinking himself dead he was surprised when he hears a voice, the voice tells him that though his job is done another needs his help, he could choose to pass on as it was still an option but if he chose to help it would be a while before he would die again, mercer asked after considering it "who needs the help?" the voice replies "tell me, what do you know of harry potter?"


note:mercer comes to harry when hes 7, consume and replace mercer gets all women as harem

Buffy: The Vampire SlayerxMassxover

plotline:losing out on an easy and cheap costume xander hears buffy and willow gush over how angel will love the noblewoman costume, feeling disgusted with her, he decides that hes gonna do halloween different, looking around he spots a few good choices but only 3 stand out, an orc warboss, a male serah Kerrigan outfit, and an alex mercer outfit, deciding to go all out in a final attempt to change buffys mind he buys all 3, what in the world has ethan unleashed?


note:buffy isn't impressed with the costume so xander decides to end it right there that buffys not worth it, because of killing angel, the powers try to destroy him only to be stopped by the creator, the creator makes xander her chosen to fix a few worlds including his, SERIES ONLY STORY!

NarutoxThe Legend Of Dragoon

plotline:when gato backstabbed zabuza and haku, it wasn't zabuza that killed gato it was naruto, after hearing what he planned on doing to sakura and haku he snapped, unleashing 2 tails of kyuubis chakra naruto slaughtered the mercs and gato before falling off the bridge, when he awoke he found himself in a underwater shrine with pictures of dragons, humans and several creatures he didn't regonize, feeling a pull from within he follows it to the central chamber where there were 8 altars each having a different dragon statue behind it and a glowing stone of differing colors, reaching the 1st altar he picks up the glowing white stone, as he held it he was entranced by the glow and he heard a voice 'welcome young one, what you see before you is the last piece of history and power that survived the rebirth of the world, you have been judged worthy of this power and shall be the first of the clan dragoon'


note:naruto receives the powers and abilities of all dragoons, the spirits bind themselves to his blood, haku survives gato betrayed them before she jumped in front of kakashis raikiri

Ben 10xMassxovers

plotline:an accident with the omnitrix leads to far-reaching consequences for ben, during a fight with the weeks newest megalomaniac, ben gets blasted mid-change and the omnitrix gets bonded to him on a molecular level, after learning that it cant be reversed and that hes immortal, ben decides to explore the cosmos helping where he can, millennia later ben has traveled everywhere in the universe and null void, bored out of his mind he decides to combine a couple powers and jumps dimensions, now in a brand new universe what trouble will he get into? who will be the newest prank victims? and most importantly WILL THERE BE SMOOTHIES!?


note:ben goes to a lot of places, pm for more info

Buffy The Vampire SlayerxUnderworld

plotline:xander watched underworld evolution before Halloween and decides to go as the child of selene and michael, what will the buffyverse be like with a true immortal hybrid?


note:as a perfect hybrid xander doesn't need blood to live but he does get stronger from it

Massxover:The Game Hub

plotline:I'm dead, I cant believe im dead, well whats gonna hap-GAME OVER-pen? what the hell do you mean game over are you telling my life was a video game!? you have to be f*ing kidd-START NEW GAME YES OR NO?-ing I can try again and save my friends? HELL YES i'll start a new game, -YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO START A NEW GAME ARE YOU SURE?-yes yes I'm sure I want to start a new g-NEW GAME STARTED WELCOME TO THE GAME HUB-ame...WHERE THE HELL AM I?!


note:i prefer ichigo, naruto, natsu or xander, unless you can convince me to do someone else those are the choices, game hub covers the canonverse to EVERY ANIME/MANGA/GAME/BOOK/COMIC from there go nuts with it, character selected cannot go to their original verse until they do at least 1 successful playthrough, successful means got to the end of the canonverse, game hub is a story series, do not take unless you want to do a massive project, for more info pm me

Fairy Tail

plotline:animal soul take-over, beast soul take-over, demon soul take-over, what if natsu held the magic of dragon soul take-over?


note:the dragon soul take-over works similar to beast soul in that he absorbs some of the magic and can then use it himself

Fairy Tail

plotline:what if because natsu ate the etherion he changed his dragon slayer magic? what if because of that event natsu was able to eat anything and become a dragon slayer for it? what will fairy tail be like when natsu is the ultimate dragon slayer?


note:natsu is more mature, the actual ability change is any element or form of energy and use as slayer techniques

Fairy TailxBreath of Fire

plotline:when natsu was a child abandoned in the woods it was not igneel that found him, no it was someone of even greater power, he will raise natsu as his own son and will gift natsu the power of his blood, beware dark guilds, the brood is coming


note:natsu will have the power of the brood from breath of fire 3, natsu is able to make a gene after beating someone if he doesn't already have one that has a similar effect(i.e. if natsu beat gray he wouldn't get one because he already has a ice gene, but if he beat mirajane or a demon he would get a demon gene which would add demonic abilities)

BleachxWorld of Warcraft

plotline:because of ichigos unique nature when rukia gave him her powers it altered, when urahara gives him back his powers he doesn't meet zangetsu, he meets 2 others instead, one is his hollow natured shinigami powers, and the other is his quincy powers altered by rukias power, with these two blades ichigo will be unstoppable


notes:ichigos shinigami blade is frostmourne, shikai release is 'fear my wrath!, arthas' appearance is changed to death knight initiates garb and the runed soulblade, powers include all specs for death knights but must vocally change between them, different specs cause the soulblade to glow different colors, red is blood, green is unholy and blue is frost, bankai name is 'lich king', appearance changes to full lich king regalia including frostmourne which eerily glows an onyx black, powers include ALL death knights abilities with the lich kings own added on top of it, ichigos quincy blade is the ashbringer, shikai release is 'purify the corrupt, bringer of light' appearance is changed to Gilgamesh from fate stay, powers include all specs for paladins but must vocally change between them, different specs change the weapon, sword and shield is holy, hammer and shield is protection, and hammer and sword is retribution, bankai is 'ashbringer', appearance is changed to tirion fordrings regalia armed with the ashbringer, powers include ALL paladin abilities with tirions added on top of it, when both shikais are released combined look of dk and Gilgamesh in silver, weapons from ashbringer will glow with the dk spec chosen, when both bankais are released combined look of lich king and tirion fordring in silver with ashbringer and frostmourne giving off a light and darker tint respectively

One Piece

plotline:okay we've seen tons of gamer fics but what about this, luffy eats the game-game... fruit let the games begin!


note:tutorial is a must(did you see any type of games?) luffy is way smarter because of this, reputation stats also must crew is harem(at least female members)

NarutoxMy Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

plotline:while a still a kid naruto found a summon scroll, not knowing what it is he hides it, months later he sees the 3rd summon a monkey, upon explaining and showing the summon jutsu and scroll naruto remembers what he found, going back for it he signs it and forever changes the naruto world for he signed the rarest and most powerful summon contract...the pony contract


note:ninjafy all ponies, not only do they have their only specialties(tv show) but they each have a combat or support type ability(like rarity she makes clothes, in this she would also make armor and weapons)

reads _ fanfic

plotline:fanfic version of any main character reads their canon life or another fanfic

pairings:none-harem depends of the fanfic

note:only completed fics

Buffy the Vampire SlayerxCall of Duty

plotline:yahf, in which xander dresses as a a ghost

pairings:up to you but no buffy of willow, but would prefer harem

note:because of how the ghosts are, xander is more confident(which to me is his only problem)

One Piece

plotline:instead of the gum-gum fruit, luffy ate the single most powerful fruit in the world...the mizu-mizu fruit, a logia of unparalleled might, the ability to transform into and control the one weakness to devil fruits...what will the straw hats journey be like with a unstoppable captain? only one way to find out

pairings:luffyxharem(nami and robin definitely, others your choice)

note:luffy ate the fruit before shanks showed up, but after his grandfather left, luffy can control ALL forms of water

God of WarxSkyrim

plotline:kratos is dovahkin, dragonborn...RUN

pairings:kratosxharem(one nights-in love, up to you)

note:this is long after atreus dies, kratos ends up in skyrim through a portal

NarutoxFinal Fantasy

plotline:naruto fell into the chasm failing to summon gamabunta, dying at the bottom ending his contract with the toads... however naruto does not stay dead, upon waking he searches for a way out, he finds something... something that has been forgotten for eons, he finds the eidolons...with them at his side, naruto will rewrite his future, this is his fantasy


note:naruto is able to summon ALL final fantasy summons in every form, i.e. shiva would be summoned as both herself and the shiva sisters of 13 while ifrit would have 1 summon

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