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Hi, my name is Laura (if you didn't already work that out), I love to read, sing, dance, and act.

My favourite motto is 'You can be anything if you just believe it enough in your heart'

I am a major fan of the Twilight Saga - I particularly love the Wolf Pack ... Embry and Jared are my favourite ... NOT really I love all of them.

Also, my friends consider me a freak purely for the fact I am addicted to supernatural books: my favourites being Night World Series, The Secret Circle Trilogy and The Vampire Diaries all written by L.J.Smith. Not Forgetting the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer!!

FanFic No. 1: Everything Happens For A Reason:

My FanFiction Stories Information -

1) it's my first fanfic

2) it happens 2 years after Breaking Dawn

3) it is a Seth imprinting story

4) if you do read it please Review to let me know what I should do to improve and so I can make it better!

FanFic No. 2: The Extra Cullen:

1) it's my second fanfic

2) it begins just before Bella arrives in Forks

3) this idea I've had about a year ago, at the moment it is going to stay as a one shot, because I want to focus on my EHFAR (first fanfic) and I have major writers block!!!!

4) Please review ...

Thanks for Reading my stories if you have, if you haven't it wouldn't harm you to have a look! ;D

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