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I love to read. I enjoy writing as well, but haven't done it in awhile. I am an absolute stickler for correct grammar usage. I'd probably make a great Beta. ;o)
I am, amazingly, not so harsh when reading a story. Well, okay, I'm harsh (in my head) if words are used incorrectly or if the writing is just horrid; but, I'm not a mean reviewer at all. I just move on. I do ignore a few typos here and there. I see them, but I figure all of you writers are putting yourselves out there, for FREE, so the least I can do is be patient. It's the same reason I don't leave mean reviews. What's the point? It's YOUR story. If I don't like it, I can move on.

I came to FanFiction because I saw something about a little story called Emancipation Proclamation. Prior to that, I had no idea the fan fiction world even existed. You can see from my rec's I pretty much only read Twilight stories (mostly Edward and Bella). It's what I like. I am amazed at the number of strong writers that are on this site. I have found so many authors who I think are better writers than SM. Here, wow, I am blown away by some stories. I like SM's books, but in my opinion the writing was just good, not excellent. Don't get me started on the ridiculousness of Jacob's character at times (or imprinting???). I read a lot of the stories that have since been pulled (either to publish or for various other reasons). I'm glad I read (and saved) many of them before they were gone.

(For the record (concerning Jacob): It is NEVER okay to use your physical strength on a woman, just because you THINK she should WANT to kiss you!!!!)

There isn't a particular Bella or Edward I like. I love being able to read different versions of these characters. I find it fascinating! I have listed a lot of favorite authors, but my absolute favorites are: Savage7289 (Love pretty much ALL of her stories), kharizzmatik, ItzMegan73 (I think The Tutor and Emancipation Proclamation are probably my favorite high school stories), CaraNo, Troublefollows1017, Pears13 (wish she was still around), Jen733, hunterhunting (miss her too), and I also love Sebastian Robichaud (better known as Sylvain Renard).

I realized I haven't updated this in ages, so here are a few more authors I love: pattyrose (from This Is Who I Am on through to her latest); abstract way (such a smart writer, such emotion); 2old4fanfic (lovely writing, lovely woman and she makes me laugh so hard); MrsSpaceCowboy (sigh); planetblue (funny, smart, lovely), Rochelle Allison. There are others who have stories I adore...but these authors have more than 1 that I love.

Oh, and I am not someone who complains when someone publishes. Hey, if it's good enough to publish, I say go for it! Just make sure it's good enough!!

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