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This is a joint venture between Cosmogirl7481 and Marvar.

Marvar: What can I say? We met online, flirted, and fell in love. The rest is fic history. Our hubs just have to deal with it. Although, I think they are both secretly relieved that we have someone who can listen to our moaning about how hot RPatz is. Plus, they totally benefit from our dirty texts - someone has to relieve the tension. Because I love Cosmo's writing and she thinks I'm funny for some reason, we decided to write a story together. We are each going to take a POV - I'm Edward (because I secretly want to have his cock) and Cosmo is Bella (because she's all romantical and shit).

Cosmogirl7481: Yes, our love story is one similar to Edward and Bella in Love in My Box. Only, we didn't have hot steamy sex in South Beach. Though, we could. It's totes close to my house! I don't just love Marvar because she's funny. She also has a rockin' ass! And you should know this up front: I'm an ass girl. Marvar once said that I was the chocolate to her banana. I would have to agree with that 100 percent. (Plus, her banana is really long.) I love sexting with her so much, that this little project of ours isn't even going to feel like writing to me.

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The story is Love in My Box

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Cosmogirl7481 is the author of Retail Therapy and Retail Therapy Outtakes

Marvar is the author of Yeah, You and There's Something I'd Like to Try

We are writing an outtake of LiMB for Fandom Gives Back Eclipse. Please place your bids with team leader AllyinPerth on Twitter or ChampagneAnyone on ff.

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