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This World (complete) - Based on combined truth and fantasy (but primarily fantasy).

City of Smoke (discontinued but adopted by kirachan2 and Lele-the-greek-geek) - Based on City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Great to read if you're a fan of Kingdom Hearts and The Mortal Instruments. Although this story is discontinued I will not delete it so you can still read it and request to adopt.

The Thirteenth (discontinued) - Based again on combined truth and fantasy but mainly fantasy. It's about a world where the thirteenth zodiac, Ophiuchus, wasn't discarded from the Zodiac chart and people born to that sign gained unique and frightening powers. They are hunted for it and a group of Ophiuchi, Organization XIII, seek justice for their people.

The Older and Younger (Complete) - A series detailing the sometimes troubling experiences of Itachi and Sasuke as the older and younger sibling. AU-ish with a twist on the original story.

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