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So it's up sort of

So about me : I am the average white femal

Loves : Expensive shoes (high heels preferable) or and shoe for that matter. Cloths (I am a girl). Anything pink , sparkly or lights lights up, Hello Kitty , Kuromi . Chanel perfume, The beach I so heart the beach the western sea board is the best :) , sports im a Sunday afternoon football girl (go chargers!)

Book: should be under loves but it is vast so i a making it a category of its own: I read any thing and everything : Umm my book shelf anything ,political pundits to cheesy romance novels , sci fi , big into fantasy , and throw in some classics in there for good measure (loves Jane Austen ) oh and some biographys too

As for favorite books: Little Women , A little Princess , The Scarlet letter , a Prayer for Owen Meany, almost anything by Jacqulin Cary, All of Anne Bishops worke

What I am currently reading: Just started womens murder club by james paterson an some other things i flip back and fourth to when i want something lighter.

Am I an anime/menga fan you as ? The answer would be yes

My favorits being

Well Bleach of cores because that's what i write

Black bird

DN Angel


Vampire knight volumes one and two

Boy over flowers (cant the japanes name for it sorry)

and many others

Hmm Favorite quote: There is no such thing as coincidence only inevitability (By CLAMP , XXX Holic , Yuko)

Favorite characters you ask : They are ever changing but ,

Byakuya Kuchiki

Shuuhei Hisagi

Renji Abari

Nanao Ise

Rangiku Matsumoto

Kyo ( from black bird)

and some others that will be further posted

Any who there is more i am sure i am just forgetting :) so TBC

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