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I haven't got any stories here! Aaaaahhhh! Horrid thought! If you want to read something I've written, you'll have to visit my website http:///abroddsdungeon/. The stroies (man, I can't spell to day!) stories you can read are about: 2030CE (I love that show!) Aftershock - An Earthquake in New York Harry Potter Star Wars X-Men (the film) Poems (not fan fiction) I can, if you want me to, publish, upload (whatever you call it) a fan fic about a Swedish film called "Beck - Sista Vittnet" (Beck - The Last Witness) Also, I'm writing on a fic about The Bourne Identity, but I'm so slow, so that'll take a while. I think it's easier to upload my stories there than here, but I want to add reviews... As I think you realised (by my Beck-speach) I'm Swedish. I use to call me crazy Swede. I don't really know why. I guess I needed some good "slogan".
I might be everywhere at the Internet, so you might bump into me. I'm mostly Abrodd or LaAbrodd. Perhaps I should change to "CrazySwede".
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