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Favorite pairings with Harry Potter






Worst pairings




CHALLENGE: Overused but still great Harry's-werewolf story

  1. Starts at the end of 3rd year
  2. Harry's bitten by Remus when he goes back in time to save Sirius
  3. pairing should be Harry/Daphne. they should meet on train when Draco decides to act like an ass towards Daphne as Harry passes by
  4. good Dumbledore a bit misguided at first but should be straightened up by Harry and Minerva on separate occasions and starts training Harry AFTER being straightened up
  5. Pettigrew should be caught by Harry in graveyard scene. Sirius should get freed during summer and should get a wife so Harry wouldn't get title of Lord Black. it's upto author to decided who would that be
  6. Ron/Harry friendship ends after Ron doesn't believe Harry in aftermath of Halloween in 4th year giving Neville the space in Harry's life
  7. Hermione should side with Harry...it would be upto author who would she be pair with (my suggestion would be one of the Weasley twins)
  8. Harry should be emancipated in order to Compete in TWT
  9. Harry should gain titles of Lords Potter and Peverell by birthright
  10. Harry should be Grey...neither Light neither Dark...he will kill if he has no choice but as war picks up then he'll kill DEs without remorse first 2-3 kills he will feel remorse
  11. do whatever u want with Snape but Draco should gain redemption in 5th year
  12. NO BASHING BY ANYONE except Voldemort and his DEs
  13. NO HORCRUXES except the Diary...Voldemort simply survived by doing Dark Rituals
  14. rest of the story is upto author


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