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Since 2008, I've written more than a million words of Buffyverse crossover fiction on Twisting the Hellmouth -- DeepBlueJoy's stories at Twisting the Hellmouth.

Even though you can insert links using their software it won't actually display ANY link that's not ff net, sorry) The address is - tthfanfic o r g if they don't manage to delete that!!

I enjoy crossing Buffy/Angel with Stargate, House, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, NCIS, Supernatural and One Tree Hill among others, some of which have been off the air for decades! (MASH, Quincy, Northern Exposure come to mind)

I'm fond of intelligent, funny stories with pathos and excellent characterization. Plot and action are good too. Very good. Pairings can be straight or gay as long as they're well done. If you don't write sex well, please stop at the bedroom door. Bad sex writing spoils a lot of fanfic - and some 'real' fic too!

Life is too short for badfic!

I don't do Mary Sue, bashing or super!anyone and I won't read it either. If you've got issues, work them out with your therapist, not the poor characters. That said, I'll read just about anything if it's well done. I've been reading fanfic since Buffy went off the air and I needed a Buffy fix.

My favorite characters are probably Buffy, Drusilla, Spike, and I relate to Cordelia, Wes, Anya and Xander for a variety of reasons, but I enjoy almost all the characters. I don't have a one true pairing, though my favorite canon pairings are Spike/Buffy and Tara/Willow, you might not be able to tell it from my stories. :-)

I've recently started writing more NCIS centric material. My favorite characters are Gibbs, Fornell, Abby and Ziva. I'm also quite fond of Mike Franks, Vance and I still miss Kate.

I love the characters from the original series and I think they're more a testimony to the actors who play (or have played) them than the writers who seem eager to torture or destroy them. I consider the original series adequately written (at best). The women of NCIS are a crime against womankind. Maybe I can write better, happier lives for some of them?

NCIS Female character is apparently all about the sex. (Kate=fired from secret service because of indiscretion, Jenny=first thing we know about her is that she was sleeping with Gibbs, all Gibbs' ex-wives are simply horrid screechy people, Ziva's strong, but she's also irretrievably 'broken' & can't make a relationship with any man... and Ellie's a 'good girl' and therefore colorless and flavor-free (frigid, maybe?) and her husband's cheated on HER and apparently she's gonna take him back, though IMO, *he's* the heel for screwing around because she's gotten the job of her dreams and no longer lives in his back pocket.)

Don't get me started with the various crazy sisters/mothers/mothers-in-law or grandmothers of the main characters, though the male family aren't that great either (family exceptions: Gibbs' dad, Shannon and Kelly, Vance's dead wife)

NCIS NO and LA both do somewhat better in terms of the female characters - at least they're not based on the 'terrible error' of who they've slept with. They also seem to be able to be good at their jobs, smart and kind without having to be the romantic plus one of another main character. They're also much more diverse, which is kind of nice too. (I *love* Sam Hanna's wife!)

You'll find my work (also as DeepBlueJoy) on TtH (mostly) as well as AO3 and NFA (the NCIS fan fiction site).

One of these days, I'll update things by posting them here...


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