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A Naruto based web comic I felt I just had to promote cause I just love the look of it. I especially love the character Atsuko


Useful resources for authors

Translators: http:///#enja


Establishing Intimacy: https:///2011/11/08/using-the-12-stages-of-physical-intimacy-to-build-tension-in-your-novel/


Mysticism useful for Harry Potter stories: http:///welcome.htm

Naruto fanfics are over populated by yaoi, primarily NaruSasu. If you believe me put this on your profile.
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Same for Harry Potter and Draco or Snape. Muroshi

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VIVA LA FEMALE NARUTO YURI!! Dark_Magician_41, damrhein, Muroshi

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Yes I will link to stories that take up my challenges.

Challenge - Harry Potter and the Dursley Boar

Hagrid's unwise spell awakens Duddly's latent magical potential and he joins Harry at Hogwarts as a Boar Animagus.

Challenge - Family lost

Harry meets with Sirius for the first time and finds out he had a little sister born in August two months before his parents died. She was much the reverse of himself having his mothers hair and his fathers eyes. Her name is Ginny.

Challenge - Binned

Upon being found on the door step Vernon decides to put young Harry on top of the trash to be taken away. Where in one universe he would be taken back inside in this world the trash collector comes and finds him taking him away. But this is no ordinary trash collector. He is Nicolas Flamell living his current cover identity running a trash collecting business which he uses his alchemy to recycle the trash collected into usable materials for his alchemy. Quickly deciding that he will take young Harry in he creates a homunculus to take his place and creates a pair of necklaces with a micro portal between the two boys to link Harry to the blood wards without him needing to truly be there. Over the years he teaches Harry his art and the boy turns the ability to reshape matter into the basis of a new technomancy creating technology that is hardened to survive in magic rich areas and at the same time copy movie and tv machines with magic. He builds a TARDIS as a expanded trunk with portkey capability. He creates Star Trek badges with Mirror communication and portkey access to a 'transporter room' in his TARDIS. He recreates the alchemical metal known as adamant after the muggles first discover carbon nano tubes in '91' carbon being the element in wands and wizards that allows them to focus their magic this leads to him creating his own wands that are far more powerful than even the death stick. Using arithmancy ancient runes and Occulemency he creates a mindscape based on computer programming and the movie the Matrix where every thought is a single program (person) in the matrix enhancing his memory and thinking speed exponentially and he can download this Occulumency method into the minds of others. Finally he develops a plan to start building Magical Archologys (self contained cities - see Stargate Atlantis for example just add greenhouses so they can grow their own food and potions ingredients) to further separate and conceal the magical world.

Challenge - Harry Potter's Lucky Time

Just before Slughorn's party Harry decides to take the full mouthful of liquid luck for twenty four hours of good luck. His first bit of luck though is getting a hold of a time tuner allowing him to turn that twenty four hours into the luckiest time of his life repeating the lucky day over and over completely without ever crossing his own path due to the luck one of him is experiencing effecting them all. Because if one of him were to become the end of all of him during that day it wouldn't be very lucky now would it.

Suggestions - Due to luck Slughorn ends up giving him the memory Dumbledore wants on his first pass through the night

He escorts both Hermione and Luna during separate passes through the party without seeing himself though they are both confused upon meeting up ocasionaly

He breaks into the headmaster's office to see the memory of Slughorns and ends up watching through many others that explain all Dumbledore wanted him to know and all that he didn't including the link to Voldemort and the Hallows.

He manages to take out all the Horcruxes and perhaps even Tom

Challenge - Harry Potter the Storm Seeker

During a dementor chill spawned rainstorm that lashed Harry's third year Quidditch game Harry is struck by Lightening and instantly connects with a powerful animagus spirit the mythical thunder bird. Using his new form and its control over the forces of nature that create and control storms he destroys the dementors before they can harm any of the students at the game. Now he finds that this new power constantly flows through him even when in human form.

Challenge - Harry Potter and the Seven Split Souls

On that Halloween night when Voldemort fired his Avada Kadevra Harry's soul was shattered just as severely as his own but remained entirely within his body. Years later Harry now has seven split personalities and finds that he can even make copies of himself to contain each soul piece and corresponding personality. He can even make a body to contain the small piece of Voldemort he contains and that can absorb the other pieces of Tom's soul he encounters though Tom can't control this body due to the infusion of love magic it contains. Each clone is different enough that they have a different animagus transformation, different name, and may have different appearances and genders through a clone specific metamorphmagus transformation. Each copy is still Harry though and share their knowledge so he is going to get the most complete education ever using his new found wealth he sends one copy to a advanced Muggle boarding school, one to Durmstrang, one of the females to Beuxbatons, and the last four each go to a different house at Hogwarts. Things truly come to a head during the Tri Wizard Tournament when all seven are selected by the Goblet of Fire to join with the other three contestants as a deca wizard tournament.

Challenge - Harry Potter Dolittle

(Harry Potter / Dr. Dolittle crossover)

Harry finds that he speaks more than just Parseltongue but in fact can talk to all animals mundane or magical. Also when near him or bonded to him like Hedwig they can communicate with each other.

Challenge - Harry Potter and the Brother's Bow

(Harry Potter / Percy Jackson crossover)

Dumbledore is right the power 'he knows not' is love but what he doesn't know is that Lilly isn't dead. She simply had to go back to her role as the goddess Aphrodite. When Harry receives a present from his mother, a hand me down bow from his older half brother Cupid, what will he do with this new power.

Challenge - Harry Potter and The Magi Net

(Harry Potter / The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes or The Matrix or Tron)

Just before or just after third year Harry comments to Hermione that one of Dudly's old busted computers is in his room and she has him transfer the information from her arithmancy and runes texts, which she has bought all of the 3rd - 7th year copies of, to digital format since she will be on vacation and it will give him something to do over the summer stuck at the Durslys and hopefully convince him to take (or change to) those classes. A lightning strike and exposed wires lead to Harry's mind being upgraded. Now his mind is organized in a digital format based on arithmancy and runes and acts like a computer. Leglimens entering must break through a coded format similar to the falling numbers and letters of Matrix (though runes instead of letters) to enter a world where every thought and memory is a distinct person much like the programs of The Matrix or Tron. While this is happening he is also uploading a viral program into their mind that leaves a permanent back door into their occlumancy barriers for his use. He can also upload his new power to others much like installing an Operating System via leglimensy and the runic system built into it allows him to perform powerful silent wandless magic by arithmanticly breaking down spells including a form of telepathy between those on The Magi Net and telepathic reading of those with viral programing (Dumbledore, Snape, or Voldemort). Now learning anything is as easy as passing copies of programs from those willing to share on the network (or stealing them from the nosy leglimens). From spells and magical theory to muggle science martial arts (I know Kung Fu ;p) and languages the new Magi Net leads to a proliferation of learning. Before his death Flemell even joins the Net contributing his Alchemy knowledge to future generations.

Challenge - Iron Fox Puppet

(Naruto / Ironman crossover)

Sasori finds Naruto's broken body after the Valley of the end battle washed down stream near an old temple with a hole through one lung and where his heart should have been barely clinging to life. Deciding to create for himself a new jinchuriki body that will allow him to tap into the raw power of the Kyuubi he outfits the hole where his lung was with his device allowing him to produce many chakra strings and the heart with a chamber for his own heart. He then produces a seal that will allow him to drain the fox's chakra to his heart for his own usage. But before he finishes turning Naruto into a human puppet he decides to test the fit of the heart chamber when things go wrong for him. Lacking a heart which is the core of a person's chakra network Kyuubi was unable to heal the boy much like when Kabuto had damaged it before and only with Tsunade's help was he able to heal Naruto but when a new heart is inserted into the position it immediately latches on bonding the new heart into the boy's body to perform the necessary functions while Sasori in an attempt to save himself activates the seals that channel the fox's chakra to his will. The sudden surge of malevolent chakra also resurrects the Reibi which powers the temple Ancor Vantian raising it into the air with them inside. Working together the three study the flying temple finding that the chakra cannon uses the same seals as the repulsion field that allows it to fly. They then design a new orange and gold Puppet armor to protect them using the same repulsion techniques.

To simplify all of that Sasorai's spirit acts as the Ironman movie version of Jarvis helping control the armor and flight while Kyuubi with the heart acts as the Arc reactor. Then Ancor Vantian's flight and chakra cannon play the part of the repulsion technology. Naruto controls his body Sasorai controls the armor and Kyuubi is a snarky presence in the back of their minds.

Challenge - Storm of Wind and Lightning

(Crossover Naruto / To Aru Majutsu no Index, and To Aru Kagero no Railgun)

Basically I just want to see stories pairing Naruto with Mikoto Misaka from these series. Either he ends up in their world and trains in academy city or she joins his world and ends up teamed with him. I don't really care I just want to see this crossover happen.

Challenge - Chronicles of Naruto

(Chronicles of Riddick / Naruto - crossover)

Riddick a fallen Uzumaki who was sent to the Mizugakure prison Butchers Bay escaped before the Kekei Genkai death squads came after him for having the Terugan or eye shine. Granted the power to see in absolute darkness the possessors of the Terugan make the greatest of nighttime assassins. With his summoning contract for Hell hounds (See The Chronicles of Riddick movie Crematoria prison.) and his personal summon Thrash, Riddick has come to Konoha to seek the last of the Uzumaki and train him in the ways of the Terugan and stealth.

Possible plot The Necromunger are coming to the Elemental nations and Konoha to conquer.

Challenge - Spark of Mad Genius

(Naruto / Girl Genius web comic - Crossover)

The ninja world is known to have many odd mishmashes of bits of technology spread about in seemingly random amounts from hospitals using laptop computers to TV broadcasts used for communication between the Damyo powered by chemical battery systems. And chakra based Ninja tech is similarly spread from the Sky ninja's flying temple to the chakra armor of Snow or chakra shields of Sand. The reason for this is that only one civilization to date had the ability to create these technology without vast amounts of resources being dedicated. This was the destroyed civilization of Uzushiogakure and is because of the Spark of Mad Genius that crop up in some of the Uzumaki line. Even those descended of the line but not Uzumaki can have a small bit of the spark such as Tsunade's genius for Medical techniques. Now witness the rise of the most genius ninja ever Naruto Uzumaki with his ability to use the Mass Shadow Clones to in fact excel in the creation of all aspects of ninjutsu, technology, sealing, jutsu craft, and science.

A steam-punk Naruto story

Challenge - The Butterfly Effect

I've seen all sorts of time travel stories for Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Sasuke, Shikamaru, etc. How about one where somehow Choji is the one who goes back in time. Through his kindness he brings the Konoha 12 together earlier in life and gets them to train to become far more powerful than before.

Challenge- The Temporal Adventures of Uchi Naru Sakura/Hinata

In order to save the future Sakura developed a method to send Inner Sakura back in time to guide herself in the past but never expected to end up sending her to the wrong person. Now watch as Hinata must contend with a crazy second persona that isn't even hers as they must work together to save Naruto and the world.

Challenge - Naruto the video game

We have probably all heard of the Naruto video games. The thing is some of them have unique stories differing from the anime/manga/movies. The challenge is to write out as a fiction the story line of one or more of these video games so that those of us that haven't had the chance to play them may enjoy the story.

Challenge - The Power of Art

The team is Sai the Art Ninjutsu specialist, Yakumo Kurama the art Genjutsu specialist, and Naruto the Fuinjutsu and Tattoo jutsu specialist. You could possibly even bring in Deidara and Sasori as mentors.

Tattoo jutsus:

Dragon arm - a dragon tattoo each scale of which is a fuinjutsu sealing a dragon shaped attack like Doton: Dosekiryū, Doton: Doryūdan, Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu, Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu

Summon - any summon contract with a tattoo focus perhaps trained with Anko to learn Sen'eijashu with snake tattoos

Weight/Gravity/Resistance seal tattoo - any strength and speed training tattoo

Maelstrom palm - spiral/Uzumaki swirl tattoo in the palms that allows instantaneous production of any variant of rasengan much like the spiral Jiriaya drew on his hand to help him focus

Challenge - Symphony of Destruction

Naruto saves Kin and Tayuya and in return they teach him the power of Music based Jutsu how the right sounds can replace hand signs and names. Much as the Harem jutsu was born from sexy jutsu and Multi-shadow clone Naruto learns many different instruments assigning a clone to use each creating the Symphony of Destruction.

Challenge - Prince of the Maelstrom

Naruto finds out he is the last prince of Uzu no Kuni. As the survivors of the destruction of Uzushiogakure gather together to rebuild their nation they ask him to return to his station. But with the revelation of his royal blood Shion of Oni no Kuni, Koyuki of Yuki no Kuni, Haruna of Na no Kuni, Naho of Hi no Kuni, and Toki of Tori no Kuni all seek a "political" marriage with the love they thought their stations would always force them to forsake.

Challenge - The Specialists

Naruto manages to graduate on his second try mostly by luck that the Henge was the required jutsu that year. Teamed with Rock Lee the Taijutsu specialist, Yakumo Kurama the Genjutsu specialist, and training to be the teams Ninjutsu specialist watch the three go on to make a legend for themselves.

Challenge - Paths of Wisdom

The Rikudō Sennin taught that everyone follows six paths of pain that lead to rebirth upon their death. Only through wisdom can this endless cycle of death pain and rebirth be ended.

Pain was born from the suffering of Nagato. His paths follow the six paths of pain using the dead as his puppets. What if Naruto upon activating the Rinnigan instead chooses to share wisdom with his friends while they are still alive thus giving them the powers of the path that they fit, the shared vision, and the ability to draw upon his massive chakra stores through a piercing. In so doing they all share their powers with him and the rest of the group.

Deva path - Sasuke suffers from too much pride which leads him to always try to be more powerful than everyone. He gains Deva path's ability's of gravity control. He shares the Sharingan with the group.

Asura path - Tenten suffers from her jealousy of men who seem to have an easier time being good ninja and her struggle to be the best at weapon combat to prove that Kunoichi can be great ninja. She gains Asura path's mastery of weapons and builds for her self an Armored Asura Puppet battle suit (think a suit of armor with puppet parts that looks and functions similar to Pain's Asura path though with three masks of Tenten's face). She shares with the group her pinpoint accuracy.

Human path - Ino suffers from her pride in her beauty, her passionate desire for Sasuke, and her self doubt. She gains Human path's ability to read minds nearly instantaneously and remove the soul. She shares her knowledge of the human mind with the group and a mind link so they can share thoughts along with eyesight.

Animal path - Kiba suffers from his ignorance and overly strong instincts. He gains the Animal path's power of summoning. Everyone in the group signs a different summon contract but Kiba and Naruto may both summon all the types of summons. He shares his enhanced sense of smell and hearing with the group.

Preta path - Lee suffers from his desire to be a great ninja even when he is unable to use chakra. He gains the Preta path's ability to absorb chakra from enemies and their jutsu. He shares his taijutsu skill with the group (though not his physical prowess).

Naraka path - Hinata suffers from the hell that is her family. She gains the Naraka path's ability to summon the Outer path to pass judgment on her foes and to heal her allies. She shares the Byakugan with the group.

First Challenger - Zragothevampire - Paths Of Wisdom http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7320569/1/Paths_Of_Wisdom

Challenge - Paths of Love

Basically the same as Paths of wisdom only this is a harem variant. Neraka, Human, and Asura remain the same.

Deva path - Fem Haku suffers from her pride as a perfect tool for her master leading to her failure on the bridge almost crushing her in spirit. She shares her knowledge of the human bodies pressure points and the knowledge of how to use Ice ninjutsu with the Rinnigan.

Preta path - Yakumo Kurama Suffers from her desire to be a great ninja even when she is weak of body. She gains Preta path's ability to absorb chakra from enemies and their jutsu. She shares her unparalleled skill with genjutsu.

Animal path - Hana Inuzuka suffers from her overly strong instincts. She gains the Animal path's power of summoning. Everyone in the group signs a different summon contract but Hana and Naruto may both summon all the types of summons. She shares her enhanced sense of smell and hearing with the group as well as her medical knowledge.

Another alternate Animal path could also be Isaribi who suffers from her animalistic appearance and would share her skill with water techniques.

Challenge - Neo-Juken

Naruto distracts the ninja who attempts to kidnap Hinata leading to him being blinded. Hizashi in a final act of defiance uses a forbidden jutsu to transfer his Byakugan to the boy before his sacrifice. Naruto learns to controle his chakra far better thanks to being able to see it and becomes a prodigy creating new Jūken arts.

Genjūken (Illusion Gentle Fist) the art of altering your foes perceptions through the chakra injected via a Jūken strike.

Raijūken (Lightning Gentle Fist) that strikes at nerve clusters instead of tenketsu in order to mess with the nervous system much like the Ranshinshō used by Tusnade.

Iryōjūken (Medical Gentle Fist) which makes strikes at an ally that rapidly seal wounds and cause near miraculous regeneration via forcefully opening the gate of healing.

Fūinjūken (Sealing Gentle Fist) which applies seals with a single finger strike much like Minoto would do with his full hand.

Senjūken (Sage Gentle Fist) strikes the at enemy slowly turning them into a stone toad through Nature chakra infusion.

Bijūjūken (Tailed Beast Gentle Fist) poisonous tailed beast chakra is used to burn out tenketsu and organs.

Jūito (Gentle thread) Use chakra threads to seal tenketsu at medium range and even from stealth. This could easily be combined with the previous styles.

Jūhari (Gentle needles) Use chakra senbon to seal tenketsu at long range. This could easily be combined with the previous styles.

Futon: Hakkeshō Kaiten (Wind style: Eight Trigrams Heavenly Spin) a wind enhanced Heavenly spin that sends out a pulse of cutting wind chakra in a ever expanding circle from the user. Upgraded version would create a tornado with the caster at the eye of the storm.

These are just a few Ideas you could use. Be creative and make your own up too.

Challenge - Monster Strength.

Realizing that his clones are near useless with his weak taijutsu skills and after seeing Lee in action Naruto seeks Gai's tips on gaining skill, strength, and speed. Then upon witnessing Tsunade's chakra enhanced strength he learns her near perfect chakra control and strength enhancement techniques. Finally upon battling Jiraiya using the sage arts in a spar to defend against his now enormous natural and enhanced strength he learns this as well enhancing both his own natural physical power and magnifying the effect of the chakra enhancement giving him levels of strength never seen before.

Perhaps he even gets a hold of the scroll from Shippuden movie 2 Bonds that teaches him The Body Revival Technique (Nikutai Kassei no Jutsu) that can give him the perfect body that is even able to open all eight gates safely but requires demon chakra to perform this level of the technique.

Challenge – Empathy

During the chunin exam prelims seeing Hinata fall Naruto discovers a new power. Through his strong level of empathy he can take another’s pain both from physical wounds and mental anguish upon himself to heal them by touch. But it also comes with the even more dangerous power to share any of his or another’s pain he has taken with another again by touch. He heals Hinata’s wounds and her heart then stands visibly coughing out blood from what he has taken seemingly no danger to the jonin he moves to Neji and gives him her pain.

Challenge – Shenanigans

Naruto is the bearer of the secret Uzumaki Dojutsu the ShiNanigan (Pride What? Eye) also known as the prankster’s eye. It is a secret dojutsu because most don’t see it as being truly combat effective as it only shows the user the easiest way to embarrass those observed. But Naruto following in the path of the famed Uzumaki’s before him learns to turn this prankster style into a battle ready technique meant to drive his foes to flee lest they find that it truly is possible to die of embarrassment. The ninja world will come to fear ‘The Pride Breaker’.

Challenge – Raigan

Naruto is blessed with the power of the Raigan (Lightning Eye) which allows him unmatched control over and the ability to see the flow of electricity. He can manipulate other’s minds as if via genjutsu by rearranging the nerve signals fooling even the other great dojutsu by bypassing the signals they send to the brain. He can accelerate his nervous system, the speed he thinks, and the speed his muscles move (since muscles use electricity to flex). He can copy any lightning technique without need for handsigns. He can create an electromagnetic blast firing metal objects as if from a railgun (watch ‘To Aru Kagero no Railgun’ anime). Watch him take the world by storm.

Sorry my stories are taking so long. Having a bit of major writers block and my head keeps coming up with new story ideas hence Drops of inspiration. Not to mention that I keep seeing events far down the line in my stories not how to advance the current moment. I've also lost some interest in Naruto right now and am becoming more interested in Harry Potter.

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