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Intergalactic Asher PM
Joined Mar '10

Hello, my name is Asher. I'm your fairly typical Internet fandom member, complete with Tumblr and little-used Fanfiction account. I'm a longtime member of , but I don't write much. A couple months back I purged almost my entire collection of stories, so it's pretty empty. Maybe I'll be able to fill it up again, maybe not.

I mainly write angsty/fluffy oneshots, always with some kind of shipping, because I can't write anything else. I'm working (""""working"""") on a couple of mutli-chapter fics, but between actually being busy and spending all of my free time somewhere between dead and tumblr, I haven't gotten very far with them.

Red dots on things you love: Night Vale, Harry Potter, HTTYD (books). Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, Steven Universe, Merlin, Buffy. Many others.

Current favorite thing: Steven Universe.

Forever least favorite thing: Steve Carlsburg.

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