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Updated: 04/27/2007

Hey all. Like anyone's probably guessed, I've taken quite the break from fanfiction writing, opting instead to become a reader and reviewer and writing more original fiction (which can be found on fictionpress.com under the same penname and haven't actually been updated for a couple years either). College is also eating up vast amounts of my time while dance takes up the rest of it, so I'll definately be on a hiatus until the end of the semester.

In other news, Storms will be up at some point for revision. I used to be happy with it...but that was four years ago, and I was a freshman who really couldn't write well. XD So, I'll get around to changing the wording, getting it all into one language, and...well, really just chewing it up and hopefully spitting out something worth a reader's time. A sequel is still possible, but it's not happening until Storms is revised and I have interest again. It's still up in the air. And still floating.

And yeah, You Can Still Be Free is up for editing as well. Holy crap, all the STUPID errors that I didn't bother to catch...and it's really sad to think I read that. So please, spare yourselves until it's fixed! Really. Please.

I've moved on to reading Naruto and Bleach, and I will begin writing in those areas. Possibly. Life permitting, which is hasn't been. But we'll see. I've been inspired lately; now I just need to find the time to write again!

In a completely unrelated note...I just realized that I used to be the kind of reviewer that I abhore and now I feel disgusting in my own skin. Six years really does make a difference. And you know what? I was looking at the list of anime people write about now...and I felt old. Because I remember back in the day whe the three columns were only five shows deep, back in the early days of Gundam Wing and Ronin Warriors. Back when you could change the flavor of . My favorite was always grape...so I really never realized until recently that the option was no longer available - it looks the same to me! My ID number even makes me feel old now. XDXD

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