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Greetings! To all my followers out there, I know it's been quite a while since I last updated any of my ongoing stories, so I just wanted to assure you all that I am working on new chapters for Terror in Time, Amazon Giant and Hogwarts, so no worries there.

I'm also currently in the process of writing my own one-shot tie-in to MiniJen's Universe Falls story. (BIG fan of that. If you haven't read it, I STRONGLY encourage you to do so!) It's called The Fabulous Five and it's all about the Mystery Kids all getting superpowers for one day (sans Steven because, y'know, he's already got plenty of superpowers). I'm pretty excited about that one, so hopefully, it'll turn out good.

And one more thing. I've had this idea in mind for a crossover featuring characters from The Loud House starring in The Hollow. Although, I don't really see myself writing out an entire fic about it as the idea of basically re-writing the entire first season from scratch sounds incredibly tedious. So instead, I'll just give you all the major highlights right here:

1. Lincoln, Clyde and Stella wake up in a strange white room with no memories of who they are, where they are or how they got there. At least they find their names written on pieces of paper in their pockets.

2. Along the way to find their way home, they each discover their own secret powers. Lincoln has fire powers, Clyde can control the weather and understands machines, and Stella can grow into a giant at will.

3. At some point, Lincoln and Clyde realize that they both have feelings for Stella, but they both agree not to try anything with her. Eventually, though, Stella develops feelings towards Lincoln and she makes the first move.

4. Eventually, they come across the other team composed of Rusty, Zach and Liam. Rusty know martial arts, Zach has electrokinesis and Liam can teleport and talk to animals.

So yeah, that's what I've got going on right now.

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