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I do not write as yet and just enjoy other talented people’s stories, I did not think anyone would be interested in my information.

I am an avid reader of many genres. This includes but not limited to Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural, Science, Self help and Friendship (not hard core romance), and play RPG games to relax.

I grew up preferring museums and libraries for entertainment and think attending a Ren Fair, or a Sci-fi convention great fun. To illustrate this point my wedding portrait has a red dragon in the background and shows my husband and I attired in renaissance clothing. (Hubby passed after a long illness, he loved this site too. Just so you know your writings have impact)

I applaud all the great souls who do have the bravery to write their passions and soul onto electronic paper with the hope others will enjoy their work.

As I am very visually orientated so my writing is as well. I hope to submit something to the universe soon.

Well I figured I would update this a bit: Thank you for reading my brief profile and I hope you check out the offerings of the stories and authors listed below.

Link to a Harry Potter Community I manage. :)

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