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Writing has always been my passion, literally ever since I can remember. And I love reading what other people write as well.

Everything and anything created from the genuine core of the creator holds a beauty independent of its outside interpretations. Contructive criticism is meant to be a helpful tool, but not law.

What matters is that you love doing what you do, and you have fun doing it.

Some of my favorite quotes:

"Perhaps what I imagine is very important...for the entire world." ~HARUKI MURAKAMI

"Prithee, freind, do not keep your knowledge to yourself; we are a large party; and any benefit which you confer upon us will be amply rewarded...Perhaps we may be wrong; if so, you in your wisdom should convince us that we are mistaken..." ~REPUBLIC

If any of you like my writing style and have a story suggestion, I am open to writing the stories of your requests : )

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