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Hello all you wonderful fanfic writers, it's wonderful to be here.

Lets start with my life philosophy, everyone has the right to fall in love with whoever they want, be it a different skin color, because we are all a part of the human race, different religion, different belief systems, so long as they are not contradictory to each other, like pro-life and pro-unborn child murder, and someone of the same gender, love is the greatest gift that we can receive, we should never reject it based on other people's opinions, the only opinions that matter are the ones of the people involved.

Favorite Pairings:

BtVS: Buffy/Willow, because they are true soulmates, even with all the outside interference from unworthy romance partners and their "Creator" Joss Whedon. Faith/Tara or Faith/Dawn, maybe even Faith/Dawn/Tara if I'm so inclined.

Hannah Montana: can [Lilly T./Lola L./Hannah M./Miley S.] they are SO cute together, better than Jake Ryan or Oliver with either of them, GROSS!!!!

Frozen: Anna/Elsa, yes they're sisters, but so long as their is mutual informed consent based in romantic love, well, the rules that a group of men made up hundreds of thousands of years ago that we are supposed to follow without question, they can kiss my great white patootie.

Harry Potter: Harry P./Hermione G./Luna L./Ginny W. and any of the attractive female characters as well, better than anyone being with Ron Weasley, because he is a douche, I also want to strap Draco Malfoy into a nutshot machine and leave him in pain forever, like the immortal Prometheus having his liver pecked out of his body daily by an eagle, the symbol of Zeus.

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