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Savannah Mayhem
Joined Mar '10

Name: Savannah

Age: 19

Height: 5"4

Hair: Vampire Red

Updates: I update my stories every saturday, sunday at the latest

News 6/5-2010: As you all know my laptop crashed and I'm now stuck with this before the war computer. I am starting to write a new chapter for When Faith Comes Knocking but this thing is so slow, just opening the page to change my profile took 5 min.

I''l try to update ASAP.

-:- Reviews -:-

If you read my stories, please let me know what you think of them. I would love to have your oppinion.

-:- The Runaways -:-

The first four chapters is all about information. They're filled with bits and pieces of information about the most important events in Bella's life. The story really begins after she leaves Forks and goes back to LA and starts her band.


Chapter one: The Runaways-Lost Little Girls

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