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I have a few ideas I might write about, mostly surrounding pride and prejudice. I've got two lovely beta's who help me, and to them, I thank you.
I have also deleted all my past stories due to several reasons, but mainly because I quite detest the fandom I wrote for now.

"Don't close your eyes, this is your life; are you who you want to be?" Switchfoot - "This is your life"

I love pride and prejudice and I love the 1995 version, as well as the black and white 1940's version. The other versions are really pretty cool too, I recently watched the BBC 1980's version, but I personally think the BBC later version is best. The newest 2005 version with Keira Knightly was pretty decent, but too short and condensed for my liking.

"Everybody's got a blank page; a story to write." - Flame "Start over"

Yes, as a matter of fact, I AM a...
wide eyed, sanctified
blood bought, spirit taught
bible toting, scripture quoting
satan bashing, sin trashing
Christ following, pride swallowing
hard praying, truth conveying
faith walking, gospel talking
And proud of it.
Romans 1:16

In progress stories:

To love and be loathed; A regency, AU story. No one could have imagined Lizzy could have liked Mr Darcy less than she already did, but with new problems to overcome, she can. A different insult, a prejudiced view of his character, a prior engagement and an unforeseen marriage prevent her affection for Mr Darcy from growing. Mr Darcy, however, must learn to consider her opinions and overcome his cynicism.

Darcy does not go to Netherfield park with Mr Bingley and his sisters, but comes to the neighbourhood later with two sons of an earl. Many different, exciting things are to happen in future chapters, so keep watching :) The prologue is set after the events of the story occur, so chapter 1 will begin just shortly before Darcy's party is introduced to Hertfordshire society. The epilogue [for there must be one] will explain and resolve the things that happen from the prologue. Stay tuned, and please be sure to review, for it boosts my spirits and makes me want to keep writing :) See story below for more information.

I am a daughter of the True King.

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