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I don't have any fic over here, but I have stuff on . I do a lot of reading over here though. And I review. So I thought I better put up a bit about me.

I was born in 1963, that puts me up there in antique territory. I have been a fan of TW for just over a year now. Not so much DW, but you never know.

I live in Toronto Ontario, Canada, in a great neighbourhood called Kensington Market. I love my neighbourhood.

Due to health reasons , I have spent a great deal of time in bed this summer, completely overdosing on fanfic here and on LJ.

I read a lot of different stuff, one of my favorite authors is Terry Pratchett. Him diamond.

I have spent most of my working life in retail, selling shoes. Again, due to health reasons I will have to give this up. I am going to have to change the way I live and work, and am feeling very spooked about the future. EEEEEKKK!!!!

But I shall continue lurking in the weeds here and on the other sites I frequent, because I am well and truly addicted to what I find there.


Well, figured I'd better update! Still spending lots of time in bed due to health. Reading fic. Have now branched off into Sherlock fic as well. I am continually amazed by some of the talent here. Very good stuff! Thank you all for keeping me entertained!

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