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Dinner is in the oven, bills are paid, laundry is in the washing machine/dryer, cat is fed, homework is done and the children are in bed, et cetera, et cetera leave me alone I am reading!!!

Twilight fan fiction was my first venture into fan fiction. I had no idea something like this was on the web;) I found a link to Twilighted on Stephenie Meyer's web site and I was instantly addicted. I also like Inheritance Cycle and have been reading a lot of it since finishing the series. There are some Legend of the Seeker and Janet Evanovich fan fiction on my list too. I enjoy story's that have lots of angst and drama with a HEA! I try to leave reviews for each story I read because I realize that it takes and a lot of time and effort to actually plan out a story and finish it especially if you are not getting paid to do it. If you don't like a story stop reading it! Do not badger the author with flaming reviews.

I have not read all the stories on my favorites list. I found it is a good way to keep track of stories that I am interested in.

Happy reading!!!

The series that I am reading is By Kevin Hearne. The Iron Druid Chronicles are funny and adventurous and just pulled me in with all that is going on with this 2,100 year old Druid. Of course he would like to live a quiet life but that is not in the cards;) If you are interested here is his web site-

Did you notice I didn't say my house is clean, well I have totally given up on that since starting to read Fan Fiction!

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