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It is about time I told you a little of what I like in fan fiction.

I like a few extra people added to the story rather than taking people too far from the sort of person they are in the books.

I like the background to be what Rowling wrote rather than what the films make of it:

The school uniform is the robes and not a standard school uniform with robes over them. That is what is on their school list and in other parts of the series it shows that many of the magical people have no idea how to dress as a muggle.

I don’t think soppy stories of Snape are very realistic and he is a spy so could not adopt Harry.

In the book Professor McGonagall shows the students that she can transform into a cat in the third year and not the first day.

I get sick of the description of the stupid fourth film of the way the students from the visiting schools come into the hall. They were not single sex schools anyway.

It is nice if people remember that the books are set in England and Scotland and Rowling never says anything about pancakes for breakfast.

I will add more later when I think of it.

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