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Most stories I write don't even make it to publishing, but now and again I pop it up for review, not that I get many. (grouse!).

I'm a long term fan and every now and then something percolates around my head long enough that I decide to write it down. Sometimes, I write seriously and take my time to make a good product, "Mylene Growing Up" is an example of a creative process fic.

Anyway, comments always appreciated!

A note on my Prunus Girl fiction. I am seriously pondering rewriting it into less of a 'concept fic', please let me know if this appeals to anyone.

Note: I took down two of my fics that I recognize as needing serious correction. I may edit them and polish them and put them back up later.

Fics removed were "Mother" for Ghost Hound and "Only You" for Prunus Girl. I will not be reposting them until I do a good bit of cleanup.

Project Status:

Chapter 4 of American Style is on hiatus for now, I am having issues with "Muse"

I am currently working on rewriting and fleshing out my Prunus Girl story "Only You", please look forward to it, and thanks to Lupus Azuro for sticking with me as my beta and prereader to get this finished and posted. Once I get writing again, I plan on revisiting American Style.

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