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Thank you to anyone who reads my stories, and especially to those of you who give me reviews. You make my day!

I write often and just for fun. I rarely ever put what I write online. I'm working on actually following through with completing a story. Hopefully, someday I'll accomplish this.

If you can tell from my obnoxiously large Favorites list, I love reading. If it is well written, I can enjoy almost any story.

The best thing anyone can do for another writer is encourage them and give them constructive criticism. It's actually pretty easy to type out a quick review. It doesn't need to be super long or a masterpiece, just a little bit of feedback. It can even be fun when the author replies.

About my fic Maximum Ride: Plucked Poultry and Other Delicacies...


It is simply not my first priority, or even my fifth. I'll finish it. Just not any time soon.

(Also, when I said in my story Nightmare that the ending is up to the reader to decide, I wasn't calling for a vote. I was only saying the ending was up to interpretation. I know it has such an open ending [or a not-ending, really] that it feels like it should be continued, but that isn't what I had ever intended. It was based off of a dream I had – or rather, a nightmare, hence the title – and that was where I woke up. It is completed.)

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