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Hello my name is Melissa (aka Missy Robshipper) and I am a FanFiction Addict! I mainly read AH Twilight canon fics.

I try to read "Real" books but it rarely happens because one of my favorite FanFic pimps (AKA Authors) will post some shit and I just get sucked in all over again!! I'm not complaining...I love kids, ehhh, they might disagree since they think my IPad is surgically attached to my hand!

Moving on...I read, I do NOT write...Trust, No one would want to see that!! I LOVE Angst. My daughter will come out and see me reading and crying...yeah she thinks I'm crazy because I want to read stories that rip my heart out and make me cry.

Thankfully I have found some great support groups on Facebook and tons a wonderful girls that pull me off the ledge when a fic has me ready to jump!

I use my Favorite stories as more To Be Read list so I am not necessarily saying it is really one of my favs...I am going to list those for you here...well some of them because the list would be never-ending.

In no particular order... Part one of trilogy...don't stop here!! The Cellar

Pulled Favs :(

Wide Awake

The Office by TBY789

Closer Trilogy By

Revelry by

Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by Hunter Hunting

Emancipation Proclamation by kharizzmatik

Hydraulic Level 5 by gondolier

Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar

The Misapprehension of Bella Swan by Hunter Hunting

Simply Edward by CaraNo

NFW by CaraNo

The Vagina Monilogues by jtmd24

Under The Apple Tree by Danieller123

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