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The characters of Carlisle and Edward, together and separately, hold endless possibilities. I have always seen their relationship as the central one, whether as father/son, leader/follower, brothers, friends or lovers. The other characters are merely pawns for plot purposes.

Some readers have taken offense at my representation of Carlisle. However, others like that I give him some depth and ferocity. If my interpretations of the characters don't match yours -- I am thrilled to have provided variety! I made my Carlisle -- FOR ME. By posting these stories, I'm merely inviting you to be a voyeur.

Reality check. Everything is a metaphor. None of it is literal. I have no interest or intention in representing the Cullens as a good upstanding family that fits into society. They don't. They won't. It's a different culture. A different species. These are fictional characters, representatives of the primal and monstrous in all of us -- as well as the evolved and human aspects of ourselves. These characters are nothing more than tools of self-examination.

DO tell me your objections and criticisms. Some of the best reviews are the "flames." That I could so move a reader to get that excited is thrilling! I can't say I'll agree, but I'll completely respect you for speaking your mind. Anonymous reviews are not respected or even read -- just deleted.

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An Edward/Carlisle slash story. It is so far off Twilight canon, it is nearly unrecognizable. It is mostly Original. Twilight character names, but the similarity to Twilight ends there. More credit goes to "Let The Right One In" (the Swedish child-vampire novel) Nods to the vampire paradigms of Anne Rice, Whitley Streiber, Bram Stoker and Charlaine Harris/Alan Ball (True Blood).

Human Carlisle is a recovering crystal meth addict. He meets vampire Edward who proposes a relationship and a different kind of addiction. A sensual tale of one man's loneliness, need, and reason for living. Not your usual romance -- but a darker side of desire.

explicit slash (male/male) sexual content, rape, drug abuse, blood consumption, violence, profanity

Use this link to read the story on my LiveJournal site (with in-story illustrations!):

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