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"The planet goes on being round".

"We all look the same in the dark".

"Bambinatum Est Maggitum".

About Me: I'm a fanfic writer based in Leeds, UK. I love theatre and hate mushrooms. I don't own any of the fandoms I write about.

My Fandoms: At the moment I'm writing about a little-known series of books called Harry Potter. I've also recently dabbled in writing fanfic for Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Stranger Things and Orange Is The New Black. Past fandoms include How I Met Your Mother, Robin Hood BBC, New Girl and The Story Of Tracy Beaker. I am very grateful for all reviews, even for stories published long ago.

My Writing: I mostly write canon and prefer to read it too. I especially enjoy reading and writing missing moments, added scenes, or scenes that appeared in canon from other's character's PoV. I write lots of genres- angst, fluff, romance, humour (well, I hope it's humorous).

I'm always happy to chat, so PM me if you want to say hi. You can find me on Tumblr and Ao3 as: bikelock28.


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