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Hi! I'm Queen Umbugartus, and I may be the only person on FFN with a pen name from The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica. I could be wrong. You can call me Queen or Um or Bug or Artus or any combination of those.

My Navy

Hetalia Fleet

Flagship/OTP - Austria/Hungary (AusHun)

OTCP - Prussia/Ukraine (PruUkr)

Germany/Italy (GerIta)

Sweden/Finland (SuFin)

Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica Fleet

Flagship - Aven/Artus (Avus)

Steven/Laura Glue (Steven Glue)

Edmund/Laura Glue (Edmund Glue)

There are many more ships, of course, but I'm rather lazy. Eh, I'll add 'em later.

Ideas: POSSIBLE future stories.

-Hetalia/Dragonriders of Pern crossover. Set after The Skies Of Pern.

Hetalia Podfic Project:

So, I'm going to start a project in which fans read fanfiction aloud and post it on YouTube. But I need to know if anyone's interested. PM me if you are!

How it would work:

1. An Author would PM me the details of a work of theirs that they would like read aloud OR a Narrator would PM me the details of a work they'd like to read.

2. I would post it on this page so that Narrators could view it. If a Narrator wanted to do it, they would PM me OR I would contact the Author and ask permission to have the work read aloud.

3. The Narrator would record the work, make it a video, and email me the file.

4. I would post it on YouTube.

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