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Nobodiez is my name

I am crazy, and I'm loving it

if you want Kronk in KH3, put this in your profile.

if you want the horned king in KH3, put this in your profile

if you want Darkwing Duck in KH3, put this in your profile

nerds are smart, cool, and will rule the universe, if you believe this, put this in your profile

if you are against racism, put this in your profile. the only race is humanity.

if you believe there are animals not discovered by science, put this in your profile. cryptids are out there.

if you believe there life on other planets, put this in your profile.

if you are NO fan of shows such as total drama series,6 teens, or stoked, put this in your profile.

Name: Nobodiez aka NZ



occupation:ninja/ hero.

description: A friendly and sometimes crazy ninja. looking like a robot ninja.

Animal mode: A five foot tall silver dragon. Standing like a theropod dinosaur, has 2 horns on the head, and had a pair of wings.

VA:Jay Baruchel(Hiccup from How to train your dragon)

Powers:fire bending, invasable shield, and can transform into a dragon.

Fav crossover team-up or pals

Ben, Omi, & Cyborg (Ben 10, Xiaolin Show, Teen Teens)

Phineas, Ferb, Chowder, & Coop (Phineas & Ferb, Chowder, Kid vs Kat)

Danny, June, Jake, Jenny, & Betty (Danny Phantom, Life and times of Juniper Lee, American Dragon, Teenage Robot, Atomic Betty)

Randall, Vlad, Yummo, & Rat King. (I call them the Preds) (Monster Inc, Horton hears a Who, Penguins of Madagascar)

Timmy, Jimmy, Sponge Bob, Danny, Jenny, Manny, Rocko, Stimpy, Zim, & Gir (Nicktoons Unite)

Ben & Swiper (Ben 10, Dora series)

Iago & Stitch (Aladdin, Lilo and Stitch)

Po, Marty & Alex (Kungfu panda, Madagascar)

Po, Bolt & Remmy (Kung fu panda, Bolt, Rataouille)

Wall-e & Oswald the lucky rabbit (Wall-e, Disney)

Fav crossover rivals

Stitch vs Dash Parr (Lilo & Stitch/Incredibles)

Perry the platypus vs Kat (Phineas & Ferb/Kid vs Kat)

Ben 10 vs Doofenshmirtz (Ben 10/ Phineas & Ferb)

Stewie Griffin vs Eric Cartman (Family Guy/South park)

Jack Sparrow vs Captain Hook (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Peter Pan)

Jack Sparrow vs Mad Hatter (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Alice in Wonderland)

Jack Sparrow vs silver(Pirates of the Caribbean/treasure planet)

Swiper vs Meowth(Dora series/ Pokemon)

Truffles vs Foster (Chowder/ Fosters home for imaginary friends)

Zim vs Jack Spicer (Invader Zim/ Xiaolin Show)

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