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I am working on the next chapter, and am plotting how to plot things out. I am also going through the old chapters and seeing where I can improve things. I have a first draft on its way to my anonymous beta reader .. while attempting to read other stories to add other techniques to my already impressive arsenal of tools. _

For those who review without an account, I have chosen to enforce my right to moderate Guest Reviews, so if you don't see your review, try registering for an account, it doesn't take much time, nor does it actually require you to write anything other than a minimal profile.

For those who review without allowing a response, especially if your review is rude/crude/troll worthy/or simply requires a response .. you'll never know what I may have said in response, and if it's bad enough, I may decide to keep you from seeing my works again. I can not stop people from believing as they do, but I can limit how much their beliefs are allowed to influence my life.

I'll put it bluntly .. I'm 50, I have issues with Depression and ADHD; I don't need more crap in my life than what I've been already handed. I am also exceedingly opinionated; subtlety is a lost art form for me; I will give people a chance to explain their opinions, while explaining as best I can why I'm doing things my way; if I get flamed, I will come back, with both barrels blazing, and the weight of my experience and knowledge brought to bear. Just remember the Hogwarts motto: Do not tickle a sleeping Dragon!

Update as of 05/18/2021 .. I'm sorry things have been so quiet lately. I’m trying to get things restarted with the last chapter, but events in 2020 sent me for a tailspin. One year ago, tomorrow, I became a widower, and I have been struggling since to get my life in order…

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