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mass effect

humanity was very diffrent unlike the other soeoces humanity never fully used the things they found from the relic of a race long gone after they knew from exps demanding one one thing for will only get you so far by the time the humanitys have first contract war the war ends in the humans victory as the enemy who toight them a new and easly speoces to turn into a political tool wefe ina rude awkening as they not relaying on mass effect tech avanced very diffrentky amd the alinces got to learnwhy their war ships called star destroyers were named as such by the time the counsel stoeed in the humans were already forcing their enemynto serender or have their home world destoryed

Naruto challenge

Naruto most people knew was a fake only a few people knew the real naruto mostly the third and hks anbu detail he played the orange loving fool that plays childish pranks to hide the true genuis as henknows till he becomes a genin the civilian counsel can make his life harder naruto failing the exam was a way to drawl out muzuki they already figuered he was a tratior but needed the soild evidence naruto also used the mission to look at some of the more dangerous jutsus placed in the scroll he already knew shadow clones found a few other good jutsus that require his chakra reserves like a special genjutsu to make allys turn on each other iruka coming into the spot muzukimtold him to was a suroeris but naruto just whent with the flow and not onky got muzukimtomresove the fox but also hiw he worked for orochumari and hiw the snake had other spys with in the ninja forces after that naruto stoped pretenting and easly tookmout muzjki body flickering behind him and knickimg him out with a gental fist strike despide nit havung a bakugan naruto knew the human body very well amd usedthe strikes to target the nerves system and organs to dosabke pople or even kill them a a strike tomthe brain or hart will kill most ninjas as lomg as they dont have some weird bloodline or forbiden jutsu

naruto/justice league

Batman found a new hero had made his home inngotham and hes not a fan but cant seem to know who he is just that hes a speedster and unlike the flash amd others he dose nit stay still to me caught on camera he dose not not gove the badguys the time to relise hes evenntheir by the time they relised somthings wrong their earth knocked out or tied up and any hostage or levrange they had is gone as any weapons they had dismanntled was not till batman created a super slow mo camera that he and the league got the see this speedster much to their shickmit was a teenager with blonde hair and wisker like markings on his face useing his super computer found the id naruto uzumaki a orphan his parents both were memebers of the league of shadows

Naruto/star wars

During the clone wars a third part desided to mess up the siths plans and mess with the jedi a old sith lord called naruto but more known by his title darth raven while a force ghost he learned he could still,imteract with the physical plane in ways like appearing and speeking did somdireimg a counsel meeting in the jedi temple and waiting till the pridefull jedi noticed him

Naruto/highschool dxd

When the devils got kuho off the yokai they never noticed the yokai hidden smirk as they set a trao for the devils as their still sore over what they did to one of their clans but are unable to go to war with them so when learning two heirlesses of the satans wanted to go to school in japan they offered kuho town a place they did not realy control but a devil did a very old devil and the only daughter of lucifer amd lilith naruko morningstar the satans nit a clue their sisters did nit take long to fall for her charm and magic and become her play things by the time the phenix heir dedied to rishnthe wedding he did somthing that should of never did he toched rais thus summoning naruko who was unhappy some some touched her toy her apearimg their gave the queen of the current lucifer a heartattack as she reconised naruko from her younger days and knew narukos rep of enslavung sexy girls of all speices and what happens to that touch what belongs to her

ranma 1/2

Thanks to a hidden cam nibikimhad placed she found a big secret ranma when alone in the house had a way of getting money she was a cam girl useimg it she black mailed ranma into more things started with taking her to work glory holes and after a few weeks love motels with guys willing to pay to fuck the busty red headsoon just stoped useimg the lobe motels and used thenhouse when others were gone ranma chan or ranko as shes called regurly did gang bangs and nibiki just watched counting the yen and some times filming it to sell to porn sites outside of japan

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