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Lucyole PM
Joined Apr '10

age right now 27

favourite colors: dark red, blue, violet

hair color: red of course colored

favourite animals All kinds of cats house or wild except these creepy naked ones, Wolfes and Bats

so i'm from germany and i love writing ad reading fanfiction but i only write in german because my englisch gramma and vocabulary sucks

the english site are much better then the german, here are much more ff about my fav pairings and i must not search for them so long because of the finder here

i love most mangas and tv shows like digimon, winx, sailor moon and so much more I just watch or watched everything that had to do with anime cartoons or jsut animated shows I like Sofia the first to despite my age i jsut love these kids shows from disney because its disney the musik is great and its cute an no i don*'t have children or I'm married still single and proud of it.

I love Musicals and musik every kind except Techno( the techno what they do nowadays i mean there are good techno remixes of old songs with more beat these i Like though) , Hip hop and Rap

I read of course other books but mostly romance, Drama or fantasy sometimes even a Krimi when its not to bloody or crazy.

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