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Hi, I'm Odinson.

I'm currently 22, and a guy. Well, actually I'm permanently a guy, at least I plan to be for the foreseeable future:)

I'm an avid reader but can't write anything myself, not to say I don't come up with stories all the time, because I lack the ability to stay on track when it comes to central conflicts. Mainly because the best part of a story to me isn't the mighty warrior defeating the evil monster or rescuing the princess but that emotionally overwhelming scene where the hero, after several chapters of inner turmoil, finally proclaims his love for the princess. unless of course if the bad guy is trying for the princess too, then I like reading as the hero kicks his butt from here to Timbuktu. Also, I like seeing what happens after happily ever after.

Onto my favorite pairings (we'll be doing this by series/continuity) :

Digimon (Adventure & Zero Two):

Takari: I do not in any way dislike Davis, he was leader for a reason, Bearer of the Digi-Eggs of Courage, Friendship, and Miracles...that sounds pretty BA to me, but come on he was trying way too hard (plus he was WAY too much like Tai, it would have been weird). Also, I was committed to this pairing since Kari crossed into the Digital World. Although I will admit that if i read a story where Daikari exists, I will not flame the author if it is written well (and i mean in both writing style/grammar and storyline). I identified with TK since the first time Patamon (henceforth known as The Powermaster of All Terrestrial Aerospace MONsters or PATAMON for short :D) became Angemon, for a lot of reasons the ones that come to mind right now are that he was a bigger crybaby than I was and he was the only one on the team that was my age. I also liked Kari since her first appearance, when I saw her for the first time and heard her voice I had this feeling which if I had my current understanding of Japanese culture would have made me say in my head "OH. MY. GOD. SSSSOOOOOO KAWAII!!!" plus as her character evolved throughout the Search for the Eighth Child Arc I saw that she really was the Light Bearer, Light which I later came to define as all the positive stuff in life in other words that place inside you where all the feelings and traits associated with the other Crest Powers come from. Two last reasons why Takari Rocks: when Light, by the definition above, and Hope work together they sort of create this Perpetual Motion Machine of Digivice Power, think about it whether you start with Hope or Light makes no difference but lets start with Light: the good feeling you get from Light gives you Hope and then that Hope fuels the Light inside you more continuously feeding each other until Patamon and Gatomon could make every villain from Kuwagamon to Lucemon explode simultaneously with just one look, the only thing more mighty than this would be Love but it has an unfair advantage because remember "Love Conquers All". Anyways, the last reason is because during the Dark Masters Arc TK and Kari were their own mini-team, I always thought this was because TK felt he could open up to Kari becasue she knew how he felt when Angemon died because of what happened to Wizardmon (who had more awesome in his hat than Myotismon could suck out of a hundred young women), I know its not the same but it's pretty damn close. Obviously, I'm pretty much unwilling to budge on this.

Taiora: Once again, nothing against Matt but come on seriously? I don't know about you but I felt like they Freight Trained me with that "I wanna be available for the concert in case Matt asks me" line. There was absolutely no evidence for this, at all. For all you Sorato fans out there, I firmly believe that 99% of you are really just Matt fans who like Sorato by extension.

Mimi: I think her personality would actually go well with any of the Adventure guys except TK. Think about it, she could so be a Rock Star/Astronaut's girlfriend/wife, Izzy and she would make a good contrast, I'm pretty sure Joe actually had a crush on her in Adventure and even left her a love letter in Our War Game!, and she and Tai are both "big" personalities.

Kenyako: I don't think this really needs explaining but I'll do it anyway. Yolei was one of Ken's fangirls before they even met, and the fact that she still accepted him while knowing about his screwed up issues probably really boosted her up in his eyes.

Digimon (Tamers & Frontier):

Takato and Jeri: I favor this pairing mainly because Takato outright said, or thought to himself at least, that he liked Jeri early on in the season. Honestly I think that if he could have told her sooner then when Leomon was killed he could have been someone to comfort her and a source of consolation and she wouldn't have become vulnerable to the D-Reaper in the first place. Takato was so beyond pissed off that Guilmon DarkDigivolved into Megidramon, for those that don't know Megiddo in the Bible is the place where the end of the world is supposed to begin and is actually the source of the word Armageddon, so in other words Takato brought forth the fricking Apocalypse Dragon, the thing whose creation is supposed to be the counterbalance to the creation of the universe. also Takato's D-Power overloaded itself with Takato's wrath, if only they could have harnessed the power of Megidramon.

I'm pretty much ok with any (non-slash) pairings from Frontier except Zoe and Tommy and Zoe and Kouichi, Tommy would make no sense and as far as I know besides being teammates Kouichi and Zoe didn't really interact with each other.

Ranma 1/2:

Ryoga/Akari (the girl who raised Sumo Pigs and seemed to genuinely love him)
Dr. Tofu(who mysteriously disappeared halfway in the series)/Kasumi

Love Hina:

Don't have any preferences when it comes to fanfics but I liked how the manga turned out though.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Edwin - Ed and Winry
Royai - Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye
Al/May Chang


Naruhina: If Naruto ever decides how to respond to Hinata's confession then this has a chance to become canon, there was some rumor that either Shino or Kiba liked her I forget which but hopefully everyone forgets about that and it's never mentioned again.

Alright that's everything relevant to FFnet, if I think of anything else I'll put it here.

Anyone who's willing to beta for me or just wants to know a bit more, PM me.

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