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This is LJ speaking, also known as LadyJet2 and Orial, I decided to update this thing. So let's get on with the info!

Name: Carla

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Birthday: April 22, 1987

Sign: Taurus

Born in the Year of the: Rabbit

Likes: Transformers, Bionicle, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, The Lion King, Sherlock Holmes, Chocolate, Barqs Root Beer, Role Play Games (IE: Dungeons and Dragons), Writing (duh!), Drawing, Collecting Different Language Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, Cats, Dogs, Snakes, Frogs, Birds, Hockey (Buffalo Sabres), Sunflowers and school

Dislikes: Stalkers, Flamers, Ignorant People, Bees and getting up before noon

Currently Writing: too many things to count and name. -.-''

Current Location: New York

Favorite Writing Fandoms: SaiYuki, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bionicle, Kyo Kara Moah, and Lord of the Rings

If you could be any type of Animal (non-fictional) what would you be? I would be a bird. probably an eagle. i want to fly dammit!

If you could by any type of mythological animal what would you be? Dragon.

Favorite Color: Tied between Red Purple and Black

Your most prized possession? At current, my brand new lap top. :) Luv my laptop

i think that's all i can come up with. but if you have anything you would like me to add, go ahead and message me, i've been a lot more active here than i have been in quite some time.

I've updated this for My Stories and Series so that it's orginized, somewhat. ; ENJOY!

Updated it again with stories that i will continue and others that i may not.


Transformers Animated - Dark Secrets Series Overlaying plot

Transformers Animated "Untitled" (Tentitive Title- "Hologram Story") - WIP

Dark Secrets - WIP (can be read without reading "Hologram Story") WARNING! Slash!

Posting Bail - Not Uploaded WARNING!! Slash!

Secret's Shared - Not Uploaded WARNING!! Slash!

Ghosts of Time - (Tentative Title) Not uploaded WARNING!! Slash!

Dark Plans - not uploaded WARNING!! Slash! ANGST! GRAPHIC!

Transformers Movie Verse 2007 - series no overlaying plot (can be read alone)

The Human Condition - Wip (Will continue)

Like Father Like Daughter - Wip (Will Continue)

Ghosts of the Past - Wip (Will continue)

Transformers Movie Verse 2007 - Stand Alone

Night of the Living Camaro - Finished (Tribute to Bernie Mac, may he Rest in Peace)

Transformers G1 Stand Alone -

Flight of Fancy - Wip (Will not continue May take down)

SD Gundam Force - Forgiveness and Peace Series Overlaying Plot (Hells yes I'm continuing)

Nataku's Final Moments - Finished

Forgiveness and Peace - Finished WARNING!Slash!

Peace and Renwal - Finished WARNING!Slash!

Wedding Daydreaming - Finished WARNING!Slash!

Triple Trouble - Wip (Not Uploaded yet) WARNING!Slash!

Of Dreams and Mana - Wip (Not uploaded yet) WARNING!Slash! Warning M-Preg!

SD Gundam Force - No real overlaying Plot

Original Character Profiles - Wip Refrences (will continue!)

Zero's Curse - Wip WARNING!Slash! (Will continue!)

Reception in the Land of Ark - Wip WARNING!Slash! (may Continue)

No Son of Mine - Wip WARNING!Slash! (Will Continue!)

SD Gundam Force - Stand Alone

Escape the Dark Magic - Wip (rewrite of another Author's story, used with permission) WARNING!Slash! (Will Continue!)

Bakunetsumaru Vs. Dai Shogun? - Finished WARNING!Slash!

Zako Nobusshi - Wip (Will Continue!)

SD Gundam Force - Random Series (Based on Game) Overlaying plot

Of Cat Tails and Playful Humans - Finished WARNING!Slash!

The Ninja's Revenge - Finished WARNING!Slash!

No One Suspects The Captain - Wip WARNING!Slash!

Bionicle - Storm Bringer Series Overlaying plot

Le-Koro Song - Finished (refrence)

Legends of the Toa - Wip

Storm Bringer (Book One) - Wip (Not uploaded) WARNING! Graphic!

Shadows and Light - Finished (Not Uploaded)

Sea of Change - Wip (Not Uploaded)

Storm Bringer (Book Two) - Wip (Not uploaded)

Bionicle - Stand Alone and Crossovers

Fighting Dreamers - Wip (Crossover with SD Gundam Force) WARNING!Slash!

Kyo Kara Maou - Soul Series Overlaying plot (may or may not continue)

Wake the Dragon Lord - Finished WARNING!Slash!

Good Omens - Stand Alone No overlaying plot

Savin' Me - Finished WARNING!Slash!

Lord of the Rings - Random Series overlaying plot

Horse Hair - finished WARNING!Slash!

Sanctuary! Sanctuary! - Finished WARNING!Slash!

Elvellon and Milellon - Wip WARNING!Slash! (Probably will not continue)

Thranduil's Pain of Loss - Wip WARNING!Slash! (Will not continue)

Lupin the Third - Stand Alone

The Meaning of Pops - Finished

Shooting a Gun 101 - Finished Warning - Slash!

Lupin's Wild Ride - Wip WARNING!Slash! (Probalby will not continue)

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