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Hey there! Its maxmeb27 :)

For you guys that came here to read my stories, I only have three now but i am working on one and i plan to post it sometime in the (probabaly very far) future. :)

Also I finally tried a SYOT in the Hunger Games, and I have a character!!!! YAY! You can follow her if you want...Her name is Alyssa Davis (character profile is in the review part)

The Story is called "The Fairest Hunger Games" By Socbballluvr13, so go check that out! their story is amaze!!!(it's in my favorite story section)

I really love to read fanfics, but dont really like to write them.

I keep thinking about writing stories but never get to it because...i am so busy.

some of my FAVORITE books:

Hunger Games

Maximum Ride (didnt see that one did ya now?)

Peter and the Starcatchers

Alex Rider

39 clues

Gallager Girls

All American Girl

Anne Of Green Gables

i really want to say that i like Batman, but since i havnt read the actual book i would feel like i was lying. (hows that THOUGHTS OF A SHADOW?)oh yeah i was also scared of the movie.


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