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I only write so far for two shows. The first is General Hospital. I haven't watched in a few years, I got really upset at how some of my favorite characters have been portrayed. I do however read the recaps so I have a general idea of what goes on. My all time favorite couple is Luke and Laura, although I've never really written a story about them. We wont talk about what they've done to them. The couple I do write about is Sexis. I love Sonny and Alexis and whats been done to them well we wont go there either. I absolutely cannot tolerate anything Carly. I don't approve of having an affair with your mother's husband...it makes you a nasty...you know what. I don't care what anyone says that red-haired boy is Tony Jones son. Her biggest offense though IMO is letting Bobbie think she was dead. No descent self-respecting person allows their mother to think their dead for even a moment. Especially when that mother has already endured the death of one daughter.

As for Sam, I don't care for her either. Same reason you don't do your mother's husband in her house. It's nasty. I also don't really think she is Alexis daughter. However if she is wouldnt it be different if her father turned out to be that new mobster Zaccara. Wouldn't that put a crimp in someone's dimples. I too have on occasion written a couple of Jason/Alexis stories. I don't know what got into me.

Most of the time in my stories Benny, Johnny O'brien and Leticia are still alive and well.

The other show I write for is the now canceled Third Watch. I love all things Bosco and Faith. Until the last season I was mostly okay with what happened on the show. The very last show however left a lot to be desired...okay IMO it was awful.

I have quite a few stories that I will be moving over here to Fanfiction. Some of them you may have read before some of them maybe you haven't. In advance though thank you for reading.

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