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I am left-handed.

A 'female'. Though I find the notion of gender quite questionable.

I guzzle a sinful amount of coffee and puff cigarette sticks one after another.

I often miss my train of thoughts. Often lose track of what's in my mind.

I write in fragments. Constantly scribbling random thoughts that pop into my mind in my illegible handwriting.

Characters and plot lines constantly murder each other inside my head.

I wait for the war inside my head to stop, wait for the blood of whichever character or plot line who's been murdered to bleed out of my brain.

I use their blood as my ink to write my next drabble, chapter... story? Weird? yes... but I like it that way.

Anything else? Strike a conversation if you want to ask for something else.

"well behaved women rarely make history" - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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