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This is previously; Wolfy0122

I'm rewriting everything pretty much, so I apologize if you get confused or anything. But I write a LOT better now, I'm not kidding. Please enjoy my either twisted or pervy stories. Or hell, possibly both, but like my pen name states, beware. There isn't much to say about me.

Name: Rebecca

Grade: 9th

Hobbies: Listening to music, roleplaying, swordfighting, pervying out stuff, drawing and playing percussion.

Things I Write About Most: Wolves, Pete x Rebecca, Pete x Grei, Pete x Michael, Pete x Aiden (those last three are from roleplay where Pete is indeed gay), Kensei x Ribeka, Law x Ribeka, And a lot of Kpop smut.

Like I said, I warned you.

I'm not normal at all, and I am indeed more mature for my age. Even though a lot of the time I sure as hell don't act like it.

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