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Hey y'all!

I'm Caitlin...and I don't really know what to put here haha. But I do feel the need to fill some of this space just in case those I leave reviews for or those that I follow become interested in who is behind the username. There's not much to say really, I'm not a writer -though I am considering giving it the ole college effort- and I am a serial ghost reader, at least until the completion of a story usually. I have my preferences in writing style and content but I am generally pretty open and enjoy expanding my horizons. I have done some behind the scenes editing for a few authors here and on other sites and found the experience invigorating which is probably what has created the idea that I might in the future enjoy creating my own fanfiction.

Let's see, I am 21, I live in North Texas, I have recently ditched the college scene and am happily employed in the private healthcare sector, and that's about it. I spend the majority of my free time reading (most of it is fanfiction since I am hopelessly devoted to some series' and couldn't handle that they were over) and my preferred genres are fantasy/adventure, science fiction, social philosophy, and scientific journals. I've been on this site since I was 12 and have read more stories than I can hope to remember and hopefully will continue to read from this site for another 7 years. What information i've provided probably isn't enough to start a conversation off of but if by some chance anyone would like to get ahold of me my inbox is always open :)

So yeah, i've decided to give writing a go! I first dipped my toes in on my tumblr (you can find me under the name bearb0nes) and will first be sharing the oneshots/blurbs previously posted over there. Be gentle with me sweet readers...

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