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Hi I'm Willowdove! Thanks for visiting my page!

To any of my followers who wondered why I dropped off the face of the Earth- I'm sorry! I still really appreciate your time and support. That's actually why I left. I felt it was unfair to keep posting unfinished work and then, well, never finish it. I don't know how often I'll be posting stories, but I'm going to put some of the work I've done over the past couple years up so you can see what I've been up to. Hope you enjoy!

My Fanfiction Code of Ethics:

1. If I read it, I review it. I know how it feels to pour hours and sweat and tears into a work and have no one read it. Views don’t count much without reviews because it seems like no one cares if there’s no feedback. It’s very depressing, and I won’t put anyone through that :(

2. I am always, always honest. If I see something that can be improved, I will give you constructive criticism. Compliments are always sincere as well. If I tell you your work is awesome, it really is.

3. Random typing such as ‘aerighsk’ or ‘owghndfljkveifwio’ signifies that I am too excited to express my hero worship in actual words.

4. I like to support my fans. If you follow or favorite my work, I will read your entire story library and review it as a way of saying thanks. (At least, I’ll read whatever is based off of original work I’m familiar with).

5. If you so much as view my work, I will love you forever.

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