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Character Descriptions.

Veils of Shadow

Brutus (nine): 5'1; moderately tan skin; dark brown hair; light brown eyes; very fit for his age.

Mortis (seven): 4'8; pale skin; jet black hair; sapphire blue eyes; average fitness.

Mortis (eight): 4'10; slightly tan skin; jet black hair; sapphire blue eyes; slightly above average fitness.

Mortis (twenty-one): 6'1; very tan skin; jet black hair; sapphire blue eyes; extremely fit.

Nara (twenty-two): 5'10; fair skin; red hair; forest green eyes; average fitness.

Favorite historical figures.

Augustus Caesar.

Catherine II.

Darius I.

Genghis Khan.

Leonidas of Sparta.

Miyamoto Musashi.

Napoleon Bonaparte.

"Scatman" John Paul Larkin

Sun Tzu.

The following list is of characters in my stories that are: Named after, based off of, or are, historical figures.

Darius I (born: 550 BCE. Died: 486 BCE, aged 64).

Story: Veils of Shadow.

Historical Bio: Darius I, known as Darius the Great, was the third "king of kings" (emperor) of the Achaemenid Dynasty. Darius held the Persian Empire at its peak, then including Egypt, northern India, and parts of Greece. The decay and downfall of the empire commenced with his death and the coronation of his son, Xerxes I.

Darius ascended the throne by assassinating the alleged usurper Bardiya with the assistance of six other Persian noble families; Darius was crowned the following morning. The new emperor met with rebellions throughout his kingdom, and quelled them each time. A major event in Darius' life was his expedition to punish Athens and Eretria for their aid in the Ionian Revolt and subjugate Greece. Darius expanded his empire by conquering Thrace and Macedon, and invading the Saka, Iranian tribes who had invaded Media and had previously killed Cyrus the Great.

Darius organized the empire, by dividing into provinces and placing satraps (a kind of Persian governor) to govern it. He organized a new uniform monetary system, along with making Aramaic the official language of the empire. Darius also worked on construction projects throughout the empire, focusing on Susa, Pasargadae, Persepolis, Babylon, and Egypt. Darius created a codification of laws for Egypt. He also carved the cliff-face Behistun Inscription, an autobiography of great modern linguistic significance.

Story Bio: Mortis' personal horse, Darius was a birthday gift from Zhoom when Mortis was ten. Mortis named him after a Sand-Elven king.


Veils of Shadow: My first, and currently only, story. It is a Dragon Fable story concerning the backstory of Sepulchre, the (maybe?) main antagonist of the game.

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