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my rap

honey cocaine swag

Louis on the bag

bitches talking shit i just look at them and laugh

hope up in da jeep

got a hundred on the dash

i'm steady gettin cash

bitches dey is last

why u gettin mad

i got yo man know

niggas stand up

while yo hoes stand down

stand down and i tell em stand down

you used to be his girl but hes my fuckin man know

hey here me again

i'm comin for the win

all you bitches is 7 while they sayin imma 10

i love to shop cars i could fuck a visa card

on the road to success aint worried bout the stress

he tellin me shit bitch i could care less

know watch how i put these nigga to the test

stupid ass niggas and really you da best

niggas do me

i do me imma da best

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