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Hello my fellow readers and Fan fiction writers! I thought i might introduce my self. i am a guy in college working forward through a medical field. hobbies are reading all kinds of things, video games, and more! any way so far i am going to write Naruto fan fiction. i hate the current place path cannon is going. but i will tell you a little about my current stories!

One is narutos new fate! this was maverick9871 My Return. but he hasnt updated it for a while so he gave me permission to make my own version as long as i give him credit.


My challenge is!

"What is in the Unique Forbidden scroll challenge." What this means is simple. 1. You have to make it a sakura and saskue bashing story. Your

choice of bashing lvl. You may if you wish to bash kakieshe. The only reason why i give the option is b\c one fellow writer made a interesting point

about him. The reason why he may not have give much attention to the team, was b\c they didn't ask! what that means is that he didn't want

them to expect him to give them power or knowledge. He wanted them to ask him for guidance on a path or figure out their own idea of there way of the ninja.

Basically he wanted sakura to ask him how to become a illusion user or medic. naruto how to become a better ninjutsu user and or better fighter

or to ask simply harder chakra control exercises. saskie similar to naruto. This i believe has a potential chance to be true. But it is unlikely. though

him giving naruto a jounin teacher like eibusa was a blessing and curse. He could help him greatly. but focuses to much on the basics to much not realizing that the reason for his bad control is not because he cant focus but that he has too much chakra, which he

dosent know the fact that naruto has more chakra then the hokigae does at the time because of the seal giving Naruto the fox's power. If he did know he might of give him better

guidance. 2. you can follow the cannon treatment or the severe treatment or any where in between. 3. you can have him learn the shadow clone

or not, but regardless of your choice have him learn several other jutsu from the scroll. Primarily one jutsu of his main elemental alignment that you

pick for naruto in your story. Also if he learns the shadow clone let him realize in a naruto fashion that he can learn a lot with the shadow clone

plus his unique henge, since his transformations are solid. 4. Here though is where the unique part comes in, You Must choose one thing that is

not in the naruto universe and put it in the scroll for naruto to use. Example would be what i am going to do. It will be a summoning contract. i

know not very original, but the summon is! i am going to use the golems from Enchanted arms as my summons. They wont be exactly like them.

they exist by using VERY advance sealing skills and chakra elemental manipulation. as well as other aspects. so the golems from enchanted arms

are just inspiration. this is my example. 5. try to send me both your UNIQUE idea and your name if you should take my challenge, so i can post it so

others wont take your idea and so others can read what you wrote. 6. try to use something else other than the "red sun guys" as your main

enemies its old! 7. you can have a harem, which i hope you pick (smirk) but have it small, like up to 5 or 6. if you pick to use the filler or movie girls,

like Israbie. then finish there place in his life. Though if you use them i hope you pick to put them in his harem. 8. No older woman of any kind! 9. Must start at sometime during or before he steals the scroll. 10. Lastly... good luck!


'If there ever was a draconic example of a supple attitude, your Inner Dragon is it. Blues are the Water Elemental dragon - typified by their Steam breath weapon. Pretty creative, huh? It goes right along with your Inner Dragon's tendency to maim, but not destroy. Humans shouldn't make the idiot mistake of thinking you're weak, however. The element of surprise and limited magic capabilities are definitely yours. You also enjoy communicating with aquatic life-forms.Your favorable attributes are the sunset, Autumn, water, compassion, peace, forgiveness, love, intuition, and calmness.'


Also fair warning, i will be going back to school soon so i wont be updating often.

Hello every one! I have placed a new chapter and have read the reviews of my newest story. Sigh I have to agree I am not a very good writer. But i will keep trying and will try to find a BETA as well. So thank you all for reading and have fun!


hello every one! I wont be up dating my stories for awhile. I am going to first get in a good point in school and my new job. once done I will right a good large portion of both stories and then find a Beta. Though I dont understand what you mean when my story read like a script? i read lots of stories that had (blush) or (nod) in it. i found it fun that way so i tired it. but i do plan to find a beta, i know i am not a good writer so i can use all the help i can get!

Lastly WHY do people keep making female ninjas out to be hypocrites and let them keep bashing men when they do something only slightly perverted, or a misunderstanding like it is for naruto since he dosent know any thing, and get away with it! They do it in canon, so WHY do people let them get away with it here! If it was me, every time Sakura tried to hit naruto for her selfish and shallow reason I would give her a Resangan 1000 years of death! Seriously female ninjas are just as perverted as men, they just hide it better!


hello every one! i have gotten some inspiration for new stories that I thought i should share!

No title yet: inspired by DSecret "The Unexpected", his story is about his OC who is about 16 years old being sent into the naruto world back when naruto is three and his oc became three as well. I plan on making my own version of this story with my own OC.

another story I thought might be fun was a one shot about a omake of a naruto story a read awhile ago. It was about Hanabi wanting not to be branded with the bird cage seal so she is seeking a husband to marry before a certain time limit comes up, do to a law she found in the her clan archive. she decides to marry naruto because she sees his potential when he fought neji and garra. when hinata finds out she flips and then goes into denial, Hanabi didnt know about hinata's love for naruto so she finds another law that says two huygas can marry the same man under certain conditions. both women must be bedded together, the one who is first is the first wife or main. the second is the second wife or concubine, she must become with child during this time. so hanabi knocks out hinata and juuken naruto and starts it off at naruto's home. I thought it might be fun to make my own version of this omake, i cant find the omake any where so if some one can tell me that would be great! I thought it was funny! I found it! It took awhile but the author is rootathell and the story is "kitsune no Hanabi" i found the omake funny so i thought i my make my own version of it for fun!

another story is about a tell where the third hokage finds out naruto my be being mistreated alot more than he knows by reading hospital reports about naruto. so he undergoes a henge and pretends to be naruto for a month. turns out naruto has been starving to death almost every day, attacked by both adults and children, and beaten daily. he flips out at the end and brings his rage down on the village destroying several clans, like the uchias and huygas. personally i dont see why the clan head would tell hanabi a 4 to 5 year old at this time about naruto being a demon container so why did that author kill hanabi? makes no since, i would have used both hinata and hanabi my self but what ever. my story will be similar but instead of the hokage finding out it will be a female doctor who knows naruto and who he is since she delivered him, goes to the hokage and demands the hokage do a S rank mission for a month while she takes naruto out to recover. It took me forever to find but i did! the story is A Month as Naruto Uzumaki by angel of snapdragons.

one other one shot i thought of was a story where naruto gets a cruel awakening about how much of an idiot he is while he watches a match between sakura and a kumo gennin during the chunnin exams and is revealed to all naruto's status of a demon container and who his parents are.

As for my own OC and blood lines I will write them up here on a later date! see yah!

It took me forever but i found one great story about how naruto didnt become a gennin because iruka got knocked out by muzuki and didnt see his shadow clone. so he goes back to the academy with a plan to pass by using a copy of the forbidden scroll his clones had. you should really read this fic, even though there are a few holes in the authors reasoning. the story is "a drop of poison"

My own copy and Paste section!

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Hello my fellow readers and writers! Today I have decided to write out my upcoming ideas and stories!

First off is my own original bloodline! At least I think it is original.

It doesn’t have a true name but I like to call it sentient/living chakra! What it does is simple, so here is the bio for it.

The bloodline is neither purely destructive nor creative. It is a chakra based bloodline, where it activates under either extreme emotional distress or physical wound to the body that is life treating.

It can mix together with any bloodline; even other chakra based ones since it doesn't have an element alignment like ice or wood itself. What this bloodline does is that it literally learns what it user does or is done to its user.

Example would be the Rasengan, after the bloodline awakens if the user practices enough with the Rasengan the persons chakra itself would automatically try to memorize the way it is made. Once done the user would only have to will their chakra or think of the jutsu to form the Rasengan and the chakra itself will do it automatically without thought as long as there is chakra left to use it.

A better example would be the great fire ball jutsu. After practiced enough the bloodline would enable its user to no longer have to form the hand signs for said jutsu or any hand sign jutsu once practiced enough and or mastered without any loss of strength in any jutsu, which is one of its weaknesses.

It learns by also what effects the users' body. Example would be if someone tries to heal one with the bloodline activated the chakra of said person would follow the others chakra and accept it into itself to learn what it does and how it does it.

Allowing them to learn how to not just heal them self but also others, so one can learn the effect of seals with this bloodline as well as high levels of shape and elemental manipulation just by either getting hit with a shape or element like the Chidori thus enabling one to learn lighting element or practicing the jutsu or elemental training.


Well enough about that for now! Next is my own unique weapon I like to call!

The circuit seals, they are specially made seals with unique features not found on any other seal based weapons. Basically they take the place for sealed scrolls. The seals are inter woven into special fabric like mesh undershirt that has ninja wire that conducts chakra going through the seals then into ten rings that are worn on the hands that fit them self at the base of the fingers.

It works like an electric circuit does with electricity but with chakra instead. By using control and chakra one can summon or seal anything into the near countless seals, cool thing is; only one seal is needed. Some of the safe guards are that as long as one seal is left and functioning all items sealed are still intact, since all of the seals are linked to each other sharing the same dimensional space.

Another is that the un-sealer can choose what he or she release as long as one knows what is sealed even if you have only one seal. Also attached is ninja wire that can be controlled by small amounts of chakra to move independently to perform different actions that can be used to seal or summon items from a distance.

Within these seals is what I call ‘seal chains’. Seal chains are special weapons made using in combination of several different metals; they look like a cross between ‘Spawns’ chains and Doctor Octopus’s weapon. The chains are summoned just like any other weapon from the circuit seal and stay near or around the users arm. The way they work is similar to how Gaara’s sand works.

During their making they are filled with the chakra and blood of its user, so the chains will obey on instinct rather than command. The chains have seals placed on them; such seals include additional summoning of chains to allow wider area of effect, or to have miniature gliding blades run across the chains that use wind chakra to cut. Some techniques that can be used with these chains include:

‘Twin Giant Fist no jutsu’: this tech actually summons multiple chains and forms large metal hands and arms that mirror the actions of its master’s arm. A combination of the Nara’s shadow possession jutsu and the body expansion jutsu of the Akimichi, with this one can hit at range and perform certain jutsu with them like ‘Fuuton: force jutsu’ (does what the name implies, simply uses compress air to blast back attacks or people, C level jutsu.) and several more.

‘Twin World Defense’: uses multiple chains that surround the user as he or she spins either on the ground or air and forms a perfect sphere while spinning. Similar to the Hyuga’s absolute defense, uses wind manipulation and water manipulation, the water manipulates the chains to move as the user wills for the defense part, the offence part uses wind manipulation to sharpen the small blades that stick out while spinning. A rank jutsu, best used with ‘Fuuton: eye of the world’.

‘Fuuton: Eye of the World’: is an A rank difficulty jutsu, requires mid-high wind affinity, B rank chakra cost jutsu, A rank chakra control. Uses a small but steady stream of wind chakra converted by the user to surround ones immediate area, depending on one’s control and reserves depends on how far this tech can reach and how long it lasts. What it does is act like a radar for anything above ground targets. It will look like to the user as if they see everything around them in a mind eye perspective in a similar way the ‘Dare Devil’ sees but instead they will not be affected by sound base attacks. Unfortunately this tech can be overcome and dispersed by wind natural or not, unless one heavily fills the area.

Then there are my Fuuton and Suiton blades. I don’t have a name for them yet. To be used in one of my new stories by my OC Kyle. They will be made to aid in Fuuton and Suiton jutsu by special seals on the blade. Such as advance storage seals to hold chakra infused water. The blades can combine into two different forms, a battle staffs form to use combine jutsu, and then combine by the side and hilt of the blades to make a bigger and wider sword to combine Fuuton and Suiton to make a Hyouton blade.

One such tech I have in mind for Hyouton is the, ‘sub zero field’ jutsu. Designed to trap and absorb chakra on large scales like the tailed beasts, mirror after the first Hokages wood ability to control the tailed beasts.

If that is too confusing I will try to make it clearer later! Next up are my OC!

Kelmore is a made up name.

Anyway his world is based on a possible future of Rosario + vampire. It has been several thousand years since Tsukune Aono and his harem been in the yokai academy, since then Tsukune has rediscovered the point and power humans poses and fixed both human and demon ways.

Aided all yokai in discovering ways to be more than just glorified animals suffering from rabies, and brought a more stabilized way of life for humans so they may better able to survive against or with nature, since humans have always needed since the dawn of creation aid to survive, aid that is generally made by humans more than others.

One such method was the bonding of families of yokai and humans, since human children hold the greatest ability to adapt; human babies and yokai babies would be raised together in joint homes or communities. The babies would form understanding and bonds that make living together easier for each other, even love.

Using human’s ability for the unpredictable, society has long since spread to other planets, colonizing and exploring new worlds and new ways to live. During this time, two of the most important discoveries were made.

One where the different powers human poses, listed in three categories, 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation.

1st: Are the rarest during this time, also one of the most diverse, they where the most abundant during the beginning of the first human and yokai relations, good or bad. The most abundant ability known was the power of ‘Persona’, also one of the most double edged powers, based so heavily on need and bonds that a human would need to be brought to the point of the greatest emotional pain that would awaken any potential for this power.

Only rare handfuls are left now because of the less need for it. NO KNOWN yokai have been discovered with this kind of power, but are well known to be weak against it.

2nd: Are one of the current most abundant and well known, they are considered the base powers. Since ALL humans, regardless, have the ability to use them. The powers are called Kia (energy of the connection of the mind and body, DBZ show) and Spiritual (connection of the mind and soul, spirit detective show) energy.

Are also one of the most difficult to earn, takes extreme training to gain one or both. But over time it has become easier to gain them, and all humans would have one or both. Also very few hybrid human and yokai can gain one of these powers.

3rd: Are the newest power and the second well known as well as the most feared by yokai. They are called mutants (X-men), powers vary widely from person to person. Only humans can be 3rd generations, feared because like yokai they are born (most times) with power they have not earned and may use it for selfish self destructive reasons like yokai of the past did, also feared because they may no longer be able to bond with humans to save their past societies, which will be explained shortly. Though this is proven to be untrue, many yokai are concern with what may happen in the future with the more powerful ones.

During the time of destruction, which is what Tsukune time is called, humans started to evolve to 3rd generations, allowing them to fight evenly with even the most powerful yokai easily. It was later found out that the reason why humans have started to evolve was because, yokai have been stagnant to long and have lost the need to become more. So the unknown variable in humans forced yokai to grow up by evening the playing field, given humans both power and their original ability to push the laws of the world makes a single human more threatening than any army of yokai. Only humans can be 3rd generations. The levels or rank of 3rd generations are: D-S, from lowest to highest. Then there are the rare Omega’s, they are known as ‘World Breakers’, since they have the power to destroy planets, but are the rarest rank.

The next discovery was found out during the unrest of the 3rd generations growing population. It turns out the very purpose for humans, in regards to yokai, was to be their messiah or guide from their semi animal minds to a higher life. Humans where born to save yokai from their self destructive and selfish mind sets. By finding the right human partner, a yokai or group of yokai, can bond with a single human to grow to the next level of existence. They are then considered neither yokai nor human, they are known as the ‘Ascended’. The children of such parings are considered the next step of evolution for the growing society of humans and yokai. But there have been known successes and failures during the ancient past of such children.

One example is witches, born normally from the weaker yokai who find the correct human partner to bond with but haven’t finished the bond correctly, thus allowing witches to take either role in bonding, either the human or yokai role.

The known failed case is also considered one of the greatest tragedies of human and yokai relations. The children born from this failed bond where….vampires. A yokai failed the bonding ritual while pregnant with her bonding partner’s child, gave into her lesser animal cravings by the influence of an outside source, and sucked the life blood out of her partner. Her partner could have fought back, but if he did the yokai and the life growing within would have died. So he gave his life freely, praying that she and their child would be able to live happily. Unfortunately because he gave his life freely for unselfish reasons, he both blessed and cursed them.

The yokai in her regret and rage, killed the influence and destroyed her past life as a yokai, she left the known lands and traveled with the corpse of her lover, ashamed of what she had done, until she gave birth to 6 children, who became the first vampires. Gifted with a dark and warped version of the gift of humans and the destructive nature of their mother, they where cursed to share the same fate of their distant human cousins, if humans should ever die out then their whole race shall soon follow, unless they could earn forgiveness for their sin.

To insure this, they had an overpowering need to be with humans or near their societies, but because of their mixed yokai heritage it warped them to need their blood to survive, originally they were to be the shield against the more aggressive yokai, but because of the unbalanced mixed, they became overly aggressive and attacked friend and foe alike. It took many years and countless lives.

But eventually Tsukune and Moka, a human and vampire, came together and eventual Moka earned forgiveness for her race by a selfless action, and freed all vampires from their accursed fate. Now they live their true lives no longer forced to obey instincts of destruction but now can chose what they can do with their lives. Hopefully all humans and yokai families will eventually find someone to bond with.

Kelmore is an OC who is a 2nd and 3rd generation human, his family lives closely with a family of dragon human hybrids on a distant planet far away from earth. His 3rd generation powers where dormant at birth, his mother was a third generation and father was 2nd.

His family has close ties with the dragon families, so his crib mate was his ‘sister’ Lora. He would always like to play with her tail and the two of them where as close as could be without being siblings. To keep up with his ‘sister’ Kelmore would train hard in the arts of Kia and spiritual energies. This placed him on near even levels with Lora, who was half dragon and could use Kia as well as her own dragon based powers.

It wasn’t until a plant wide disaster that brought out Kelmore’s OMEGA level power, Lora was saving a bunch of kids near a mountain area when said mountain started to collapse. Kelmore desperately tried to save her but was low on energy; he could save himself or die with her. Not likening either option he desperately struggled with in himself for ANYTHING that could save his sister. This was the moment that his dormant power awakens and BOOM!!!!

With a raised hand, Kelmore blasted the collapsing mountain into ash with a white flaming light! He slowly floats up with Lora’s injured form in his final form, with a wave of his hands and a mighty roar the meteors where destroyed and with a flash of light all of the buildings and people where healed and fixed and Kelmore passed out.

Apparently his power weren’t dormant so much as their where stuck on being partially passive, they were stuck on ‘absorption’ the ability to absorb any known form of energy, and then “convert’ to transform said energy into LIFE energy that then could be manipulated to form or make whatever the user wished, controlling the elements, binding time and space, even warping the mind and body.

The thing is, he has to fill whatever he wants to control with his power, doing that allows him to know what the object being filled is down to its very essence. Allowing him to memorize anything and making said objects out of pure energy, there are draw backs to this power.

Though he does have near limitless depth of energy he needs, in order to keep an internal balance, to continue to absorb energy. This is easily done, he needs little energy in fact, all he needs is to absorb solar energy and he is fine.

Another problem is that he continues to evolve, what that means is that a human body can adapt to only so many things. His power allows him to adapt at high rates to any energy he comes in contact with. Be it nuclear, atomic, subatomic, exc. But the more exotic the energy, like magic for example, the more pain he goes through until he has adapted. But once he has done so he acquires a sort of bastard version of that energy and can manipulate it to his will, meaning he can use magic to an extent but isn’t really magic energy, more like a cheap knock off but still gets the job done.

Another problem is that he is immortal; he can’t die and never ages. Reason why is because his body continues nonstop making life force energy that continues to fill him up, even if you could rip out his heart the wound would just burst into white flame and heal over replacing everything within less than a second. Since he also uses Kia energy his body continues to become ever more resistant to attacks, at his normal civilian level he could walk through a sheet of bullets in a gun fight like it was a mist. If you try to target his mind or soul, good luck trying to survive that encounter, it is only his body and will that keeps a force so great that it could vaporizes an entire galaxy, meaning you are fucked if you try that way.

Now on towards major weaknesses, because of the godly level of power he must separate his power into what he calls ‘embrace’, than tails. When he uses embrace he just allows a little power to surround him like an aura of white flame, when you look into his eyes it looks like his eyes fracture like white flamed cracked glass.

When he goes tail his body morphs slightly each time. Tail one his arms are covered by his white fire like energy that then grow into becoming huge like claws and arms, he than grows a dragon like tail from behind, reason being why it is dragon is because Kelmore first exotic energy he absorbed was Lora’s dragon energies. Each tail has unique features, but all of that is nothing in comparison to his final form.

In his final form he acquires 6 tails, he is surrounded by a much more defined flame like aura with a pair of flame wings that take on a human dragon like shape, and his body remains human. In this form he can do pretty much anything, he literally controls the very fabric of space and time in his vicinity by his will. The reason why he doesn’t just stay in full power mode is because of two things, one his body emits high levels of energy that floods pretty much everything. The second is that it is extremely hard to control; there is so much energy that his emotions and higher thought is nearly nonexistent at this level. So it is more like an aim and shoot, praying it will hit your target, just think incredible hulk and you get the idea.

One event that speaks of Kelmore unique power was when he was accidentally involved in a ‘dragon of the darkness flame’ ritual. Usually humans can’t survive un-aided demonic symbioses, but Kelmore power forced the dragon to evolve into what Kelmore calls ‘Goddess of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame’ (Lilith), usually they don’t take on any sentient thought until they bond with a host. Kelmore dragon acquires true life, a semi real body dependent on Kelmore, bigger and stronger powers, human like mind, and a total master and servant relationship. A funny part is that Kelmore lets Lilith have her own mind scape play ground in his head and Lilith likes to tease Kelmore a lot.

Well the story I plan to put this OC in is my future Pokegirl story and may be a Naruto story.

Lilith’s picture (http:///fs7/i/2005/197/9/c/Dragon_by_PjBottoms.jpg)

My future Pokegirl story will be called

Pot calling the kettle black:

My other OC will be called Kyle.

He will be from our world transported to the Naruto verse. Inspired by another author’s story and I have gotten an ok to write one. He will be from the US, a 23 year old in a 5 year old body, he will have with him a laptop like the other author’s story, he will want to at first to want to protect Naruto because of similar life they have both had with their peers. He will than come to love him like a brother, eventually remaking the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans into a new one, harem for both.

He will obtain the sentient bloodline I motioned above. Kyle will take a more heavy/shadow hand in the way others and the Hokage have so far treated Naruto. When he, the Hokage, and Jiraiya sit to talk he is going to put them in their place and rub their failures in their faces. Jiraiya was Nagato and the child of prophecy. Hokage was Orochimaru and Danzo. There’s a lot more but that will come later.

Some OC for this story will be:

Yukiko Uchiha. (http:///fs42/f/2009/140/3/c/Yukiko_Amagi_Persona_4_by_lintanghaseo.jpg). I used Yukiko’s picture from persona 4 because I think that her looks and personality fit my OC perfectly. She will be related to Mikoto Uchiha who is Sasuke’s mother. Yukiko will be around the same age as my main OC who will be used to help with the plan I have for the future Uchiha massacre.

My future Naruto story will be called!

The true child of prophecy!

My next story as mentioned before is a one shot (or more not sure) in honor of a fellow author named rootathell’s Kitsune no hanabi. It will follow somewhat from his story but branches off at the one shot he has in the story, the one where Hanabi forces Hinata to become Naruto’s second wife by binding Hinata to Naruto’s bed, it will be called.

Hinata’s Dream and Hanabi’s Reason.

My next new story well be also in honor of the story ‘A Month as Naruto Uzumaki’ by Angel of SnapDragons. I was moved by the thought of this story and decided another method way of this story.

Mine would be a nurse who knows who Naruto is and is a close friend not to just Naruto but his parents. Becomes outrage of the continued treatment of the boy, after years of studying and going up the food chain, the nurse is finally able to convince the third to go undercover on a S rank mission to pose as Naruto while she takes Naruto out on a month long vacation, more will be revealed later. The story will be called!

Naruto’s path to the Hokage’s Hat!

For all of the stories that I am doing for honor of, I have already gotten their permission to do make a version of their story.

As well I will retry a new story for the missing Hokage challenge.

Lastly I will be writing a story that will have a Kumo ninja at the Chunnin exams confront Naruto about his choices and current way of life during that time and reveal several truths about him. As for why? I don’t know, it just came to me one day and I thought why not? Don’t worry though I am still writing my other stories too.

Alright now for some of my pics I plan on using for my fics. Some of these are or have been used; I don’t claim owner ship of them, just using them because I find that they fit my needs.

(http:///user_images/S/SA/SAS/SASUYUKI375/1240452431_4638_full.jpeg) A future unnamed OC.

(http:///image/naruto/greyon54/LordElementalWyrm.jpg) un sure of.

(http:///original/designwork/objects/swords.jpg) collection of weapons I plan to use cause they look cool!

(http:///art/FFFA-The-Sunflower-Kitsune-144053246) for several things, one for part of my own list of pervy jutsu, this one is for against girls the ‘the cute chibi’ jutsu. Also I may use her for a child of Naruto with Hinata or Ino. But I won’t use the name that’s on the picture!


Is my picture for one of my new golems.


Is the picture for Aqua, she is the twin sister of Blaze.


As for Naruto, this is what Naruto looks like after his 2 weeks of training, except it is a blue flame coat rather than red. For my unique forbidden scroll challenge.

A small rant about the current Naruto canon and fan fiction.

Okay first off I just want to say that I am pretty sure Ebisu never hated naruto for his burden, but rather because he believed the rumors of naruto being talentless and a prankster. But came around after the konomaharu event.

Next is about kiba… why do people keep using him as a sexist, ego driven, alpha male, over prideful idiot? He has never shown Hinata anything other than sister love, he is overconfident and a bit prideful and down to earth kind of guy. He is like naruto but a bit more common since and a more down to earth attitude. I hate how people use kiba in such negative ways!

Next is the hypocritical ways many people write there female’s in their stories. To start off, all people including women are perverts, they just hide it better than most men. But in truth can be worse than ANY guy! Perfect examples are fan girls, and Anko though she mainly uses it as a cover for her work and pain she suffers by the villagers. Also for those of you wondering Kurenai does indeed state her hatred of perverts in the anime, also she is one of the women on the top of my hypocritical list. Now many would like to argue and state that men are worse! Unfortunately for them I have proof to the contrary, there are many times throughout history where a big sister has to take care of their younger brother since their parents are no longer around. One such method is by being a ‘whore’, some sisters would take on this burden alone and shield there brothers from this cruel knowledge. Others are not as kind, sometimes the sister would no longer be able to stand doing it alone and forces her brother to help her. Thus making a bastard of a man that could become anything to a man who is afraid of all people to a man who becomes a serial killer that kills women ‘whores’, this is just one example out of many. Of course the reverse is true as well. I just hate it when people let women walk all over men and use them up and toss them away like trash when they are down with them.

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