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Hey everyone! Call me Moonlight's Shadow Warrior or Shadow for short. I used to be PokeGirlMisty but I changed it for various reasons.
-Moonlight's Shadow Warrior :D

If anyone is wondering what happened to Return From the Shadows, Chasing Freedom or Maple Assassins: La Rousse, I took them down because they seriously need to be rewritten, especially the first one. I'll get them back up when I can really get back into the swing of writing and already have a few chapters written.

Edit: I don't know of I'll ever be posting here again guys, or if I'll ever complete any of the stories. I'm not interested in Pokémon all that much anymore and my interest in Hetalia has waned (although I may be rewatching it soon with my quadrants . Plus, my computer has been broken for almost a year and me, not thinking ahead, didn't back up anything. In other news, I have moved on from FF to AO3 (I'll be adding the links soon) and am now invested in Homestuck and am cosplaying more than I'm writing because my muse is gone and has been for a long, long time. I may be going through my favorite soon and rereading things to shorten it, but I don't know when that'll happen.

The moon has set and the world is beginning to burn


I'm currently accepting requests if anyone wants me to read their stories, review, tell them ways they can improve, and post it on my profile so others can view the story. Just PM me a link.

Completed Requests:

Title: Shroud Unveiled
Author: Serocco
Summary: What lies underneath the mask of the resident Samurai Zanpakuto - Senbonzakura? A pair has tried and failed repeatedly, but after enlisting the aid of several others, will they be able to finally see the true face of Senbonzakura?
Bleach - Rated: T - English - Humor - Haineko & Kazeshini

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About Me

Name: Meghan
B-day: Feb 1st
Age: 18 (I can't believe I hadn't updated this in over two years)
Lives: Ohio, USA
Hair Color: Blonde but my brown roots are showing
Eye Color: Blue-green (Shades of blue change)
Skin Color: Pale
Gender: Genderfluid (Any/all pronouns)

O.our W.wolves HOWL let your voice be heard...(copy if you agree)

Upcoming Stories: All titles and summaries are liable to change

1. Broken - Pokemon - One shot. May's family was kill, leaving her by herself to take care of the Pokemon and gym. Disappearing off the face of the Earth, she moved to a small town, hoping to get away from the memories. But when Drew visits her world comes crashing down and, unable to hold it up, she breaks.

2. Mental Help - Hetalia - Multi Chap AU. After an overdose/potent amount of alcohol and several lacerations to the wrists lands Matthew in the hospital, he is sent to live with his new psychiatrist. Now, as he adjusts to the crazy life that comes with living with the Jones family, he can’t help but notice his troubles fade away and he dreads the day he will have to leave. Now if he could only put a muzzle and leash on a certain lawyer then all his troubles really would vanish. AmeCan

3. A Girl Named Dixie - Hetalia - Multi Chap. She had run away and didn’t return. No matter how hard he searched, America couldn’t find her, instead his searches leading to dead end after dead end. It was his job to protect her, from both their people and their government, a job he had failed. All he can do is hope, hope that one day he’ll find her, an event that may have come sooner than he expected. Confederacy and Louisiana Purchase OCs.

4. Beer and War - Hetalia - One Shot. After the Revolutionary War, England, miserable, returns home with Canada in tow and a drunk Scotland isn’t happy. All he can hope for now is to get Canada out of the house before Scottie gets violent.

5. Chance - Hetalia - Multi Chap. A misunderstanding; that’s all it was. But that single miscommunication tore them apart, unable to say what they wanted to. Now, five years later, Gilbert and Elizabeta meet up by chance with one single question on both their minds: could they reignite the spark they once had? Or would it have been better off if they never saw the other again? PruHun, FrUK, USUK, AmeCan, Franada

6. Cross your Heart - Hetalia - One Shot. America has been keeping a secret, a secret that no one but he knows, and when that secret gets out, turmoil unfolds.

7. DayDream - Hetalia - One Shot AU. A dream. A single dream. That’s all it took to turn Alfred’s world upside down as the line between dreams and reality blurred. But he can’t forget him, the man with the purple eyes. AmeCan

8. Hero No More - Hetalia - Multi Chap. When the world falls to a new empire, sometimes one can’t always play the role of the hero. Sometimes, one must play the role of the villain. Now, with the world under the new Chinese empire, it was time for Alfred F. Jones, America, to play the villain. Full Summary inside.
Full Summary: No one had expected it. When China declared war on America, the world held its breath, awaiting the outcome. Countries took sides and, before anyone knew what was happening, the world was plunged into WWIII. Everyone thought the fighting would be over in a years time, that America would win with ease, but no one could have predicted that America’s own citizens would turn against their government, wanting to surrender and stop the bloodshed. And, one by one, the countries of the world fell and a new empire was formed. But try as they might, they could not locate the symbol for rebellion, the man who could rally thousands with the mere mention of his name. The man named Alfred F. Jones. America.

9. The Tears That Fall - Hetalia - Two Shot(?) AU. Francis was just trying to protect him; trying to keep him safe. But Arthur found out and Francis’ world shattered. He thought he would never get the chance to explain but the world works in interesting ways. FrUK, AmeCan plus many more

10. Torn - Hetalia - One Shot AU. After a car crash killed Matthew, Alfred is left to deal with his lost, alone for the first time in his life.

11. The Quarterback and the Loser - Hetalia - Multi Chap AU. Your typical Gakuen Hetalia story. Al is the most popular kid in the school; he’s the Quarter Back, good looking and filthy rich. Matt, on the other hand, is ‘invisible’, constantly abused by both classmates and parents, and someone Alfred would never pay any attention to. That is, until the day they are paired up as partners for a project that is worth 75% of their final grade. Now, with differing social standings and opinions, they have to work together or risk failing. AmeCan, PruCan, FrUK, PruHun, GerIta and more

12. Together Again - Hetalia - Multi Chap AU. They had come together, creating a makeshift, dysfunctional family but, when they are forced apart and not allowed to contact each other, they thought that period of their lives was over. However, years later, when they manage to meet up once again, they don’t know if it was just by chance or if it was fate. FACE Family plus Confederacy and Louisiana Purchase (OCs).

13. Shattered - Hetalia - One Shot. It was all her fault. If she had kept her mouth shut, he would still be here - teasing her and Austria, crashing the World Meetings, being his self-dubbed ‘awesome’ self and supposedly sharing his awesomeness with the rest of the world. If only she had kept her mouth shut then he would still be alive. If only... PruHun

All a Part of the Teenage Years - Pokemon - The story originally belonged to Nancyx, but after she left she handed it over to me. I hope I can do this great story justice.

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