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Well I am an Alaskan born, Michigan bred, Ohioan. LOL I know it's weird. It's like I am gradually migrating to Florida or something. Just kidding, I can't stand that much hot weather.

I'm married.

I have a daughter.

I go by candyholic85 on DA

I am always open to comments and even if you want to say HI I'm totally cool with that.

Um...if you follow me, I will be honest, I'm sporadic at best, I have A LOT of health problems -

like MS - I have a lesion the size of a baseball in the front left node of my brain- it sucks.

Crohn's disease - illicolitis Crohn's to be exact- but I'm in remission at the moment- yay!

and a heart condition in the form of very low blood pressure and a heart murmur.

I am a stay at home mom and like to write while my daughter naps.

The stories I write are mainly just for my own entertainment. So if you were entertained by them too, awesome- if not, move along.

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