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A bit about me - I live in New Jersey, near enough to NYC or the Shore to make nice day trips either way. I have 2 children, 2 cats and 1 husband and a full time career at a wireless technology company. It pains me to say, but I cannot write, however, I keep a favorite book list a mile long (with already read and what-to-look-for-next). Favorite places - on a beach under an umbrella with a good book and an ice cold drink, or at a botanical garden *sigh* anything that is in bloom is so beautiful!

Just got a Kindle for Christmas and have figured out how to download Fanfiction onto it *yay*!

My only foray into writing was being the “band story teller” for my son's high school marching band for several years (does that date me?). After Band Competitions, I would write up a jolly little piece to describe the performance and judging and send it out to the 100 band members and families. I was quite good at it and it was a lot of fun! Now I am certainly mindful of the skill and gift needed by all writers!

Fanfic- SyFy Alice 2009 movie clocked me with a sledgehammer right hook and sent me on a fangirl chase for more adventures with Alice and Hatter and then Primeval for Connor and Abby *sigh*. Really – who can resist ALP with that adorable dimple and sexy puppy eyes? Didn't know too much about the world of fanfiction before Alice, but it is a great place to get lost in. Looks like Alice 2009 fandom is quiet now. It's too bad, but understandable. Please check my favorites for the best reads in those fandoms. PMs welcome if anyone has reading suggestions. I'll be looking for other fandoms to get lost in :)

As I have learned - reviews are love. Since I like the thought of the author reading the reviews, I try to review everything I like. Sometimes late (very late), but I will get around to it.

Something new! I must add Sebastian Stan to my list of Favs. First noticed him as Jefferson in Once Upon a Time. His character was the Mad Hatter! Coincidence for both Andrew Lee and Sebastian playing the same role? I think not! Continued my fangirl crush by watching Captain America and the sequel - the Winter Soldier. Fine performances, phenomenal actor. I will be searching out Bucky fics both here and on A3O. Thank you in advance to all writers!

Note to authors: Orphaned, unfinished fics are soooo sad! Please take pity on your fans and finish your fics!

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