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ihavenocluewhattoname PM
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Some facts about me :

Nickname- Ari

Height- Shorter than Godzilla

Eyes- brown

Gender- I can bear children.

Country- U.S.A.

that's it for now :)

ps. here's a new story idea on one of my favorite movies, Never Back Down :

Jake lives a normal life till he and his family moves to Orlando where they are tricked into the business of slave trafficking. The slave owner’s son, Ryan might have a lot more interest in Jake than they both thought. Abuse/neglect/some stuff. Set in slave times, might move to time where child labor was used. eventual yaoi. rated m.

tell me what you think in my first story's review : )

So sorry i haven't updated in over a year..i promise i won't abandon any of the stories, I've just been too busy.

I'm also on LJ under the name micacuevas

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